Quality Click Control Rotator Review

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Quality Click Control Rotator Review

IM IMTools Quality Click Control

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Quality Click Control Rotator Review

BEWARE!! Internet Marketers Catching MTD Numbers And Fatalities Are Trebling Daily

BEWARE!! Internet Marketers Catching MTD Numbers Are Trebling Daily

Yes MTD (Mad Tabs Disease) Is Going Up Whatever Way You Look At It And If You Are An Internet Marketer There Is No Way To Escape It.. And A Visit To Your Doctor Won’t Help.. There are a few ways to make it a little more bearable and save your computers from meltdown  in the process here are a few cool tips..

BEWARE!! Internet Marketers Catching MTD Numbers And Fatalities Are Trebling Daily

Here is a very mild case of MTD look at the picture below and you will get the idea…


BUT DON’T  BELIEVE THEM They Need help…..

Mad tab disease


If you have double or triple the tabs opened in the picture above then you need to seek some specialized help..

That is why I created this post ….


Every Six Months When The Memory In Each Of Your Computers Computer Burns Out Send An  Email To Your List

Tell Them It Is Essential To Buy Your Products As It Is A Donation Towards Your MTD  (Mad Tabs Disease) Treatment

Don’t think this is real?



This crap is happening daily evidence of it is everywhere



Yes and if you can’t reuse and recycle just replace…… 

This is quite possibly the only thing between you and a burnt out marketer and Computer..

This Is The Four Screen Setup..

Donated by my thoughtful friendly List…

But forget about that on top of all of this.. You really need mental support.

People like yourself to be able to deal with all the ups and downs and diseases that go with Internet Marketing..

The Solution Is Easy..

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What will you get..  ??

People who suffer from the same problems and diseases ..  Yes we can relate..

People who live on a chair yes we are also moulded into the shape of our chair..

People who just give a shit..

Yes We can show you where you are going wrong and help you along the way ..

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New Facebook Groups Need A Makeover Here Is The Solution

New Facebook Groups Need A Makeover Here Is The Solution

Yes indeed with the latest changes to Facebook all my groups have been changed. It used to be that the group members pictures showed on top of the groups but all of that has changed and now there is a blank space for you to add a picture..

This will not be a problem if you are a techy graphic designer or top coder then this should be a piece of cake. If on the other hand you are a mere internet mortal with little idea of all this technical mumbo jumbo could leave you running for cover. In fact a short time back I used to cringe at the thought of anything like that but fortunately by sheer accident I came across a piece of cheap software and found a few other cool tips.

To make these things seem extremely easy. Facebook group banners are a certain size and unless you know or have figured out the exact size it can be a little tricky to create anything for it. That is where this cool piece of software comes in it also has a Facebook Banner creator package so you can create your own customised Facebook banners..

Now I don’t know about you but I have a lot of Facebook Pages and Groups and without this bit of software I could have ended up paying an arm and a leg to get them all made for me.. If you have this all figured out then remember you will have to redo a lot of your FB groups with a new banner so don’t forget to because they look horrible without one Trust me….

Underneath I will post pictures of a couple of FB Groups that I did earlier..

fb group online entrepreneurs



home based business secrets group



New Facebook Groups Need A Makeover Here Is The Solution

Focus On Providing Value To The Marketplace!! And Watch Your Income Soar..

Focus On Providing Value To The Marketplace!! And Watch Your Income Soar..

When it comes to the a lot of online and offline business owners the focus is on making money. Now of course having and making money is important but if all you focus on is making money you may not get the financial result that you planned for. When it comes to consumers and sales, many times they are just looking for a solution to their problem. If you don’t believe it then here are some examples..

When someone is hungry they want to eat so by opening a restaurant in that exact spot you are solving their problem.

You want to get to a certain destination be it a holiday or even a local journey if a flight company,boat or taxi or bus ETC..  Offer you to go to your destination they are solving your problem.

Sam wants to drill a hole in the wall so is looking for a solution so he visits his local hardware store and the man sells him a drill and a drill bit. Once again the owner of the hardware store is solving a problem.

Jane wants to set up a wedding planning business but she realises that in 2014 to be a successful wedding planner she needs to have an online presence . A blog or a website online to advertise her business or services..  She meets Sotiris and he tells her he can get her a website for only $25 a month in exchange, he will help her to setup the blog and add the first 5 pages of content for free. What an awesome deal Jane Clicks on the link and orders the blog straight away.. :-)

1.When it comes to selling focus on providing value in the marketplace.

2.Focus on solving your customers problems! If you do then  you will have happy customers, and get lots of recommendations and make a lot more money in the long run.

3. Overdeliver give more value to your customer than what they where expecting and they will want to do business with you over and over again.

4. The most expensive part of marketing is getting a new customer.  If you treat that customer really well and give them exactly what they need plus more. They could end up being your customer for life. Delivering value is not something you have to do..   But if you don’t your business will suffer, if you do not go out of business.

Jim Rohn: How to Increase Your Value in the Marketplace 1/3

Jim Rohn: How to Increase Your Value in the Marketplace 2/3


Jim Rohn: How to Increase Your Value in the Marketplace 3/3

Focus On Providing Value To The Marketplace!! And Watch Your Income Soar..

How To Create Your Own Products (Live Event Free Registration)

How To Create Your Own Products (Live Event Free Registration)

There are lots of ways to make money online selling other peoples products . And if you have joined my team yet you will also understand how to sell other peoples products and make 100% commissions.  But ask any really successful business owner and you will find out that the majority of them own their own products, and have also  got  affiliates selling their products for them as well, In return for a percentage of the commissions. Yes of course you can make a lot of money online without creating your own products via affiliate marketing., but in order to become a big authority having your own products online will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Many of us probably think of the daunting prospect of creating a new product and are ready to run a mile to get away from even thought of it.. But if you learn from an expert you can find that there is actually really simple ways to create your own digital and other types of products. Which you can then sell online. There are quite a few different places that you can then market these products, places like Ebay,Amazon, Clickbank and also JV Zoo And PayDotCom..

Now you can always do loads of research and try to learn to create a product and sell it yourself.  The disadvantage is it could take you years before you end up with a ready product and learn how to actually market it online. Now if you are a newbie this may sound completely out of your comfort zone. The great thing about this guy is he has made well over $100,000,000 online so he simplifies things for even complete beginners.. So no matter what level you are at.You will definetely learn some great information..

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Conversions Can Be The Life Or Death Of Your Online Business

Conversions Can Be The Life Or Death Of Your Online Business

When it comes to conversions in any business a lot of us take no notice. Or just don’t take the time to look or find out what there advertisements or webpages convert at… Now I can understand with todays social media fanatacism.. People spending up to 12 or more hours a day on a computer doing menial tasks like reading emails and FB updates A lot of other things can and do get brushed aside..

I remember frequently one of my mentors saying not everyone has a video face.. And while what he says about that subject the fact is that many people do not pull it off well talking in front of a camera.. Now I have another mentor that says pull out the camera no matter how bad you look and you will get better.. And in some cases I might agree but definetely not all of them.. Though what making lots of videos does do.. Is it makes you overcome your fear of public speaking and shyness when done regularly for a long period of time…

In years gone by I made a lot of camtasia videos with just music and writing, and the conversions I used to get where crazy I had one page that converted at 33-40% for people opting in.. Now for a very basic video and webpage I thought this was pretty awesome, I built a list from this of well over 1000 Subscribers and made about $8000 of sales for one software product using this method alone..


One of my more recent mentors suggests just turning on the video camera and talking making a you tube video daily.. Which I did but after looking at the conversion rates for the camtasia videos via videos of me talking. The camtasia ones converted 10 times as good into sales or optins.. So I decided I needed to do more powerpoint videos instead. But didn’t really get round to doing too many of them..

It just so happens that one of the capture page software systems I use gives you the exact conversion rate of all your capture pages etc.. So just tonight I happened to stumble upon one of my capture pages and when I looked it had 11,000 plus views and only 16 subscribers so it was not even a 1% conversion rate it showed 0%.. Of course when I looked at the optin page I realised it was a bad video I had made one day and forgot to change it with a new one.. Also there where not any good calls to action hardly at all… In fact it sucked… lol..

So I decided to do a little experiment tonight.. So basically I changed around the videos headline and created a new powerpoint video with some music playing in the background.. So it will be interesting to see the difference in conversions now after I made some pretty good tweaks.. Now it might not convert like my old capture page at 33%-40% but I think it will be a damn sight better than the last one…

Up until recently it didn’t really dawn on me the difference that a conversion rate can make for your business and I didn’t focus too much on it.. But it hit me on the head tonight even though that was not a main capture page where I send visitors too.. If my conversion rate was 33% out of 11500 views on my page I would have had nearly 4000 New Subscribers instead of 16 and be sure from that I could have made easily an extra 20k in sales..

So keep an eye on your conversion rates if you have no idea what I am talking about? Then you should buy this capture page software it shows you the conversions automatically. So you do not need to be a genius to work out what your conversion rates are.. Or to even find out your conversion rates.

You Can See The Software I Use HERE

If you think about it you can spend lots of time and money sending visitors to your websites, but if your conversion sucks either at your capture page or your sales page..  Then you are going to end up either broke or a lot less well off than you could have been..  So take some time to learn and check what your conversion rates are

Conversions Can Be The Life Or Death Of Your Online Business

Wolf Of Wall Street Review

Wolf Of Wall Street Review

It was a couple of months ago that one of my friends told me about the film the Wolf Of Wall Street. He really enjoyed it and I have a lot of respect for him so when he told me I should watch it I made a point of doing it..  It was a very interesting film, highly entertaining but lots of things to learn from it as well.  It just so happened that my friend told me that I was friends with the star of the show on Facebook.  Jordan Belfort which I didn’t even know, don’t get me wrong I have had lots of weird things happen to me before..  Like Barry Sotoero on my Aweber email list and Obama following me on Twitter..  But I was still pretty surprised to know that I was friends with a real life person who was a box office hit in the cinema without my knowledge.

The film had a lot of crazy stuff going on like drugs lots of womanizing and a few rackets going on.. But in amongst that there was a good lesson to learn from the film for anyone in a sales business.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film and so did my partner…  And would highly recommend it.  In fact I have found a lot of Jordan Belforts videos on You Tube and have been watching some of the systems and trainings he does which seem pretty awesome to me..

If you are planning to go and see a movie this year or many movies make sure you add this one to your to do list..  It will not dissapoint you :-)

Here Is A Picture Of My Facebook Account


There are a few of his videos which I posted on my blog you can see them by clicking the links below

How To Build Rapport With Your Customers

State Management Jordan Belfort

The movie, was actually based on Jordan Belfort’s autobiography, It takes people doing crazy things to  an extreme level that the film doesn’t just stand as one of the best of 2013; it’s one of the best and most deranged films  ever made.

DiCaprio even talks a bit to the camera on a few occasions,  It’s in these moments, and during Belfort’s drug fueled “Rouse the Troops” his awesome  speeches, where DiCaprio does his best acting to date.

Jonah Hill, completely will blow you away as Jordan Belfort’s partner. , the rest that follows definetely will stand  as one of the best Scorsese films. And that is an understatement..  :-)

The best film of 2013 didn’t receive  any Oscars, but it did get Leonardo  DiCaprio a Golden Globe Award  for the Best Performance in a Comedy. What a strange catagoriazation ….

So what on earth are you waiting for get down to the cinema or DVD or wherever and watch it today ..  Go and book your tickets will make a great night out or in..  Make sure your young kids are away if you are wanting to keep them innocent..  As I am sure after watching this movie they would have a lot of questions…


Wolf Of Wall Street Review

How To Develop Rapport With Your Customers

How To Develop Rapport With Your Customers

Jordan Belfort Sales Process

How To Develop Rapport With Your Customers

Jordan Belfort Inner Game Of Wealth Creation

Jordan Belfort Inner Game Of Wealth Creation


Jordan Belfort Inner Game Of Wealth Creation

Business Transformation Opportunity With Bonuses For Two Hours Only

Business Transformation Opportunity With Bonuses For Two Hours Only

If you want to transform your business in 2014 tomorrow there will be a Huge opportunity for you today in less than 2 hours. Firstly there are 3 Free training videos available where someone who earned $750,000 dollars in one month which show you how to drive and convert traffic into customers and sales for your business.


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Business Transformation Opportunity With Bonuses For Two Hours Only