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Interview With Stephanie From Cooking With Stephanie.Com

Interview With Stephanie From Cooking With Stephanie.Com


Cooking With Stephanie

Cooking With Stephanie


Sotiris -Hi Stephanie I would like to thank you for joining me today for this interview.

Can you tell us a little about yourself Stephanie?

Stephanie-Yes I Can my  Full Name is Nguyen Thi Dung “Stephanie”I Wanted to teach Vietnamese and all people in developing countries how to cook foreign cuisine in their own kitchen. Sourcing fresh local incredients.

1 Q. -What was it that first inspired you to start your cookery website ?

A. Having moved back to live in Vietnam, I discovered that not much changes with respect to how food is made. Which is Ok, however I wished that in Vietnam people would learn to cook foreign foods, which in turn also would create a change in the Industry and Vietnam being able to locally produce or import ingredients that are hard to find. When I came back to Vietnam, I started cooking foreign cuisine for family and friends, they were all shocked and absolutely loved the flavours and textures. The questions where always “How? And where did you find the ingredients”. This formed the basis of my website – Teaching and making local people aware of how to cook foreign cuisine in their own kitchen.

2. Q.-What value does your website provide when it comes to cookery that makes it stand out from all the other cookery websites.

A. The value for my website to Vietnamese is that it will focus on cooking dishes using ingredients that can be sourced in the country, not just random cooking recipes. The value for the rest of the world is that my website is in dual language and will be possibly in a third in the near future – I also manage the website myself, so I am able to respond direct to my subscribers all over the world who enjoy my cooking. My recipes are real, Videos and Pictures all of the final product, so any questions on my recipe’s or issues in cooking, I can answer direct.

3. Q.-Where is your business based and what are your plans for it’s location in the future.
A. My website is based in Hanoi – Vietnam. And will most likely continue to be based in Vietnam as it also is Central in the ASIAN Region.

4. Q.-Do you have or are planning to also do cookery videos on your website too?
A.We already have cookery videos on the website under some of the recipes and working on other videos. The aim is that each recipe will have a Video to go with it. I hope that in future I can create a reality show going around to restaurants in town and choose the best local dish and learn to cook it and do the opposite – to show the rest of the world about Vietnamese food.

5. Q. -Moving forward about 3 years into the future what would you like to be able to say that your website has achieved.

A. I hope that more families in Vietnam can be able to cook mouthwatering dishes from foreign countries in their own home sparking an increase to the food industry here for diversity in ingredients and importance of fresh produce. You can find ingredients in Vietnam that do not have the same impact as the same ingredient in another country say like – Australia. I believe it’s because of how goods are transported and stored here. With enough people interested in cooking, these practices about food handling can change for the better. I also would love to get involved in charities related to food and engage with sponsors and partners to create a strong message that “You can cook anything you want in your own kitchen, if you are willing to learn and try”.

6. Q.-Have you any specific favourite recipes that you feel are something that everyone has to try? We all have experienced that one amazing recipe that we all want to share with the world what would be yours?

A There are many recipe’s that are amazing, but the one so far that I believe is absolutely amazing and a recommendation, would have to be the Chicken Kiev. Chicken is used a lot in Vietnam – but I’m confident if they try Chicken Kiev the way I cook it as on my website, they will be blown away!

Sotiris -Thank You very much for joining me for an interview today Stephanie :-)

To get more information and see Stephanie’s latest recipes and videos make sure to visit CookingWithStephanie.Com

Click Here To Visit The Website


Interview With Stephanie From Cooking With Stephanie.Com


12 Reasons To Start Your Own Cookery Blog

12 Reasons To Start Your Own Cookery Blog

12 Reasons To Start Your Own Cookery Blog

12 Reasons To Start Your Own Cookery Blog


1. Because you like/love cooking and want to share your passion/recipes with the rest of the world.

2. So that recipes that you make can get passed down through future generations my dad taught me lots of his recipes but the ones he didn’t teach me died with him. That’s another great reason to write/ document or video things on your blog.

3. So that you can inspire people from all around the world to learn new recipes and cook dishes they might not have cooked if they had not came across your cookery blog or website.

4. Starting a cookery blog is also a great way to promote your business if you own a restaurant or a food company that sells food.  People can get to know you and your cookery and many of them will probably check out your business and buy from you too.

6. Setting up your own cookery blog is also a great way to slowly build up lots of content to use in your own book. If you post a new recipe on your blog every day in 100 Days you will have enough recipes to put in your own Book or E-Book.

7. Save money on taxes buildings and overheads having a restaurant or takeaway is a great business, but unfortunately you spend most of your time working to pay property taxes,staff,equipment,more taxes,utility companies and VAT.  With an online business you save on some of these expenses as you do not require business premises or a property to run an online business. And in many cases you do not need a lot of staff either or can get employees much cheaper on the internet.

8. The overheads are much lower when setting up an online cookery blog than it would be setting up a traditional business the only thing you should really need to have is a domain($12)  Hosting around $120 A Year and an Autoresponder around $19 a month.  Yes there are also other things which you could or would use but these are the essentials.

9. Worldwide exposure-It doesn’t matter where in the world you live with a blog or website you can get worldwide exposure to your blog/website and another way you can increase your exposure even more is to translate your posts into different languages too. You can get tour stuff translated easily and cheaply by using services like

10. Having your own blog or website is your home on the Internet where people can come to find out more about who you are, what your business is and exactly what you do and what services products you have available to sell.

11.Get paid for advertising many companies and or brands will pay you to promote their products if you own a successful blog or brand. So this opens up more income opportunities for you as well.

12. Unlike a traditional business where you have to stand all day doing the cooking in order to get paid with a blog or website you can have people from all over the world in different timezones buying your products or services even while you are asleep or on holiday. Or doing something else that you want to do, yes you do not have to be a slave to your business 24/7 like with many other business models and what could be better than that.

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12 Reasons To Start Your Own Cookery Blog

Review Of E-Cover Authority By Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

Review Of E-Cover Authority By Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

One of the things that separates the Pro’s from the newbies is the state or lack of good graphics when selling products or services of course you can outsource it at a cost.  If it’s maybe a one off you don’t mind but if you add up the amount of graphics you buy over the years it could end up running into tens of thousands of $$$.

A while back I came across an email from Chad Eljisr offering the E-Cover Authority as with many other things I liked the sound of it but thought in the back of my mind this could be another one of those crap products you buy and it disappears somewhere on the hard drive on your computer never to be seen again.

Ecover Authority Review dvd case

Ecover Authority Review dvd case

When I looked at the cost of it I thought what have I got to lose I bought it and also bought the upgraded developers license as well.  And I have to say I was completely blown away by how easy it was to make really professional E-Book,DVD,CD,Binders,Book Covers,CD Covers and lots more.

Even someone like me with no special graphic skills could use it and create amazing results very very easily. If you are ever planning to sell a Book,E-Book,DVD,CD or even make cool graphics for your own website or blog then you really need to buy this piece of software.  It will transform the look of your graphics in minutes.

The great thing is unlike lots of products and software that sell online today there is absolutely no monthly fee. And instead of $97 which would be really cheap for this software you can get it for a very limited time a few days I think for $37 which is practically nothing for what you are getting.

The other evening I did a blogging and marketing team training for members of my inner circle and premium kalatu members.  Yes they pay me $200 monthly every month in order to get access to these trainings.  On this I gave away some secrets that can and will transform your online blogging and or marketing business.  Like I said there is only a very small amount of people I gave access to this.

But I have decided for the next 5 days I am going to give anyone who buys the latest version of E-Cover Authority not only access to this 100% Free.  But I am also going to do a live training showing you exactly the best ways you can utilise this amazing software in your own business.

Once again you need to order within the next five days to get access to this Live training. And of course you will be able to ask me any questions about your business as well live.

The great thing about this software is it comes with a no questions money back guarantee so if you aren’t more than impressed you will have absolutely no problem getting all your money back.  Plus I will let you keep the two bonuses for trying it.

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Review Of E-Cover Authority By Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

Winners Walk The Walk And Losers Talk The Talk

Winners Walk The Walk And Losers Talk The Talk

How do you tell between a winner and a loser?  All you need to do is watch them over a long period of time just observe.

Most losers like to talk about what they are going to do.First  they talk about it that day and then by the next day they are going out to the bar or coffee shop to meet up with their friends to gossip about other people who they envy.  Or about how hard life is?   Winners focus on their reasons for getting things done their dreams their aspirations and after they have completed their daily goals or targets.  They can chill out whatever way they want.

The thing is with meeting people online it is normally not too difficult to tell the ones who are going to succeed or the ones who are going to fail.  Whiners and complainers who lack direction and are looking for a quick easy fix dissapear long before the going gets tough..    Or they may pay their membership for a year and do nothing in their business and then say this isn’t working for me.

The truth is if you are destined to be a winner you need to make a decision and that decision will be something that needs to have a stronger urge than spending all day in the coffee shop at the beach or talking about what you want. Or about what you are going to do.  The truth is nobody wants or cares about what you are going to do or about what you are planning to do.

People care about what you are actually doing so if you are doing nothing and telling people things they need to do then you are wasting your breath.

On the other hand if you take a daily consistent positive action to create a business, make more money and or generate more customers in your business people will see what you are doing and follow your direction.  There is nothing that annoys me more than people who say they want more money or a better lifestyle but yet they sit around every night in a bar with their friends.  Or they sit all day in a coffee shop gossiping about other people irrelevant to their business goals or so called dreams.

In my eyes if you are dreaming about it you will do it as it is one of the most important things that you think about.  If you want or would like it or even worse if you have no idea what you want outta life. Then the chances are you will never get it.  What would you say?

Ask yourself a question do you talk a good talk?  Or are you walking the walk out of the last 7 days how many of them did you spend building a business that can or will help you live the lifestyle you dream of?  Was it 6 or 7 was it one or two or did you do absolutely zilch?

You choose whether you want to end up being a winner or a loser one person I know well says when it is a sunny day I am not going to work today because I want to go out in the sun.  Personally for me that is them making excuses because when you are making an abundant income from your business you can fly directly to the sun anytime. Yes you can take control of your life or you can do nothing and lie on the beach or sit in a bar or coffee shop while your life and job control you.






 Someone who talks the talk


Someone who walks the walk 


You can chose whether to win in the game of Success or not. 




Winners Walk The Walk And Losers Talk The Talk

Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

If your answer is no then it is time to step up and start now before it is too late.

There are so many people who live in denial in fact everything or everyone is held to blame for their situation. Yes sometimes bad or unexpected things can happen that can set you back for a while.

Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

Although not everyone is going to like to hear this the truth is that in the majority of cases if your bank account is empty or you are sick on 50 different medications.  In many cases it could actually be your own fault.

For example if you choose to work for a minimum wage then all you can really expect to get paid is the minimum wage.   At the end of the day nobody is going to pay you $100 an hour for flipping burgers in Mcdonalds.

Of course if you could help someone to save $1000,000 in tax this year or increase their companies profit by $5,000,000. You could find yourself with a hefty reward.  But in order to do that you may have to work your butt off for a few years studying tax law and set up your own business.

Yes it may cost you a lot of money to get setup in your business but that’s why you will then be in a position to earn more money. As you will have gained knowledge from running your own business.

The crazy thing is that millions of people work a shitty job for next to minimum wage spend all day watching the clock to get out of it.  Then come home eat dinner and watch TV all night before going to the shop and buying a lottery ticket.

And then saying something like I would love to be a millionaire. And hoping their one in a hundred million chance will transform their empty bank account.   The truth is their actions in life up until now have determined where they end up in life.   And will continue to do so in the future.

The thing is in this day and age you don’t even need 500,000 to start up your own business and get a crazy loan to start the next Mcdonalds franchise.   You can set up your own online business for a few hundred or few thousand dollars depending on how serious you are.

So there really is no excuse for why you aren’t having more success in your life.  When asked why people are not successful they will make all kinds of excuses.  I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough Money, I have got kids, I don’t like money, rich people are greedy or evil.

The truth is the average person spends 8 years of their life in total watching TV.  If I told you how to get another 8 years of time do you think you could get started in your own Internet business part time?  If the answer is no then there is no more explanation needed as to why you do not live a better lifestyle.  It is entirely your own decision.

The bottom line is whether it sounds painful or not. Either you are using your energy in a positive way to push you forward, even if it is indirectly it might even take ten years.

Or you are using your energy being a victim wallowing in pity thinking about what you should have or what you are entitled to. Or thinking about how others have let you down.

The fact is you can pick either one of these as your choice and the majority of the time the result will be down to you.

Do you accept responsibility? That is the question only you can answer my friend.


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Do You Accept Responsibility For Where You Are In Life?

My Top Twenty Social Media Peeves

My Top Twenty Social Media Peeves

Today I thought I would do something a little different after years marketing online I realised after watching a cool training that I never posted about this before.

1. Fake Facebook accounts pictures of women with hardly any profile and often an empty wall or a wall with about 50 pictures of them adding you as a friend on Facebook.

2. Fake Facebook accounts joining my groups in fact right now I think one of my Facebook groups has about 1700 requests to join outstanding quite frankly because I am sick of sifting through the fake profiles when I go to add people to them.  And with about 50 groups or so thats a lot of junk to sift through.

3. This is a big no no for me, people in my friends list who never  message me and then after 2 years I get a message from them looking to sell something. Or join something,   Do I have idiot stamped on the front of my FB profile or something. THe truth is these are normally compete newbies to marketing online and some company CEO has told them to hit everybody up on their contacts list..   These people suck yes if you want to become part of the bottom feeder community then keep doing what you are doing.

4. Why can you only post pictures on Instagram from your phone?  Most phones have a smaller limited memory than a computer.  So why would you not be able to post your photos from your computer direct to Instagram without downloading apps or special software.

My Top Twenty Social Media Peeves

My Top Twenty Social Media Peeves

5. People on Twitter who follow nobody and think they are so cool that the sun shines out of their butt. At the end of the day if people go out of their way to follow you it is only good manners to reciprocate. Unless your ego is so big that you maybe should have your own personal social network.

6. People on Social Media who practically every update they share is a religious update. Yes we all may have our own beliefs and we may visit the bathroom every morning.  But we don’t need to share that daily with our friends or followers do we. What happened to a little variety.

7. People on social media who chose to friend you on a social network and then every update you make they disagree with or post some negative comments on it.  It’s okay now and again but if you are going to make a habit of it then unfriend the people before they block you first.

8. People on Social Media with no profile pictures this instantly makes them look like spammy fake accounts.  Normally they are but a few times I have gone through some of them and found they are perfectly genuine accounts.

9. People who join Facebook Groups with no profile picture or a really stupid looking spammy profile picture I delete 90% of them without even checking to see if they are real.  So if you want to get thrown out of groups just join with a blank or stupid looking profile picture.

10. People who flag social media accounts or videos for no reason or just for badness to take out their competition.

11. The fact that when it comes to your social media accounts none of the social networks give you access to someone live to discuss why your social media accounts have been blocked or deleted..  In fact I think this is completely rediculous.  Google,Facebook,Twitter ETC are not Gods and should stop trying to act like they are one and hiding behind some stupid terms of service  clauses..  For Fu** Sake Be Real..

12. Pictures on Facebook timelines that when clicked on go to something completely different than what you thought you where clicking on in the first place.

13. You Tube thumbnails that are absolutely nothing to do with the video that you see when you hit the play button.

14. Idiots who put videos on You Tube saying watch such and such a movie full version and then it goes to a link to sign up to some crummy website that normally looks like crap. And of course you need to add your card  details to subscribe and watch the movies if they are even there in the first place.. I am not stupid enough to give card details to such sleazy marketing low life’s.  If you cannot trust them with a video title how the heck could you trust them with your credit or debit card?

15. Periscope notifications if you want to go completely crazy sign up to Periscope follow a hundred people or so.  By the end of the week you will probably either go crazy or be ready to shoot yourself.  Yes it completely puts your head away.

16.  People who follow every social media expert online but hardly ever seem to do any social media content themselves because they are too busy following everyone else.

17. People on social media who think they are so cool and knowledgable. When the truth is by reading their updates it isn’t hard to realize that they don’t have a clue what social media is even for.

18. People who spend hours a day posting on Social Media and they have no Internet presence website blog or opportunity to get paid a penny for anything.  This is how to waste your life 101 and get nothing in return.

19. People who follow the herd I absolutely go mad when I see indoctrinated government and system programmed sheep on social media telling people to go for their flu vaccine and believe everything the main stream media tells them. That is extremely sad and sick what is the world coming too.

20.  Trolls – These are people who are employed or brainwashed to tell people government or pharmaceutical BS. Yes this is their job the problem is there are too many brainless people who are too high on fluoride and GMO’s to be able to work out the difference. Even if it is extremely sad it is true and happens daily.



My Top Twenty Social Media Peeves

Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success.

Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success.

When it comes to your business motivation can move you on to do miraculous things.

In fact one of the biggest factors I have heard about from a variety of entrepreneurs was high levels of motivation.  The truth is that most people who are in their comfort zone won’t jump out of it without a good reason.

I have heard so many stories of successful people who had their back against the wall before they truly started achieving success.  One internet marketer I know went bankrupt a few weeks before he had his first big online success.   I remember him saying I thought it would be the end of the world I dreaded the moment but when I walked out of court I realised.

I still have my brain, I have my list and I have my ideas and mindset on how I can make money. He said I am still alive he got motivated and success happened what seemed like practically overnight.

Unfortunately the same way that motivation can be such a huge factor in success stories. A lack of motivation is what keeps 95% of people unsuccessful.  I have lost count of the amount of people I have seen in this business that just quit and give in on their dreams.  Even before they hit a hurdle in many cases they just don’t even take the first step. Which is complete madness.

Motivation Finds You

Motivation Finds You


Things that can motivate people could be things like.

Someone telling you that you would never amount to anything in life.

Being fired from a job and making a decision that you will never put yourself in a position where someone will ever be able to fire you again.

Having a young family dependant on you.

Having a sick friend or relative who needs your help or finances to get better.

Being talked down too by someone because of your lack of money.

Making a decision to buy your dream home.

Making the decision to own your home outright.

Deciding to buy a new car.

A relative or friend who puts you down.

Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success

Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success

What is your why?

Yes what is the reason why you have to be successful?

If your reason why is stronger than your reason why not then you have a great chance of success if you make that decision.

If you are doing a business because you want more money, but you enjoy watching soaps on TV more than you want more money then you will end up broke or on a low income.

If on the other hand you promised your Fiancee that you where getting married in Niagara Falls next year and you knew the trip was going to cost you 30k then you would be watching less TV and working your butt off to make the money on time.

If you knew you had a sick child who needed $20,000 to heal a deadly illness for them to live then there would be a huge likely hood that you would succeed because it is a life or death scenario.

Let’s put it this way if your only motivation is to get $100 in your pocket at the end of the week.  Then you are more likely to sit on your butt and watch TV while claiming benefits than going to the effort of creating a successful online business.


I was talking to a friend of mine recently who is a psychologist and she was saying that for a while she has moved from working with high paying clients to people on benefits.  A lot of these people come from maybe three generations of people who have or are all on benefits.  They also can have some other problems too.

The thing is that many of them do not have any aspirations to become successful, many of them just want their drugs or their beer or just to sit in front of the television and pass their time away. And get their money every week. They go to whatever appointments or job interviews they are told to in order to keep getting their benefits.

I always remember something I heard a long time ago you will have on average the income of the 5 people you spend the most time with.   So if your closest friends are all on benefits chances are you may be too.

On the other hand if some of your close friends are millionaires you might be or be on your way to becoming a millionaire too.

But first of all you need to know your reasons why you have to be successful or reach a certain goal.


Of course as well as being motivated you need to change the motivation into action to start driving your plan or life forward.  Motivation is great but motivation without action alot  of the time will accomplish very little if you do not remember the action part.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people going to a personal development seminar ready to change the world and three or 4 weeks later they have done nothing.  They are back to where they where before they went to the seminar.

One of the ways that I get regular motivation and surround myself with people who make a lot of money was by joining this business a couple of years ago.

Yes I could just hang around my local neighbourhood but instead I chose  seek out other successful people that will helped me grow.


Question is what is your next step my friend feel free to post your comments below :-)


Motivation Is One Of The Keys To Success.

Interview With Dmitry Rudakov

Dmitry Rudakov, originally from Odessa, Ukraine, but based in London and South America (Uruguay, Brazil) for the past 12 years, is a serial entrepreneur who founded Websplosion ( as well as a bunch of other successful Internet companies and products, like Chameleon Social Software ( He is also a film director in his spare time with several festival wins (

Q: So, are you a movie director or a software engineer? Isn’t it a strange combination?

A: I personally do not distinguish between movies, music, design, software, etc., it is all about creativity. I look at a good website design and hear music in it, I see a good movie and feel that it is a well built product. I think that life is too short to think about these things. When I have a project in front of me I will dedicate all my time and creative energy to complete it and make something good out of it. Most of the times I fail though. I think about 75% of what I do is not good. Well, it is total crap actually.

Q: So when you start a new project you know that there is a 75% chance that you will fail?

A: Yes, exactly. But I will try and try until I see that nothing can be done. Then I abandon the project. Sometimes it can take several years to understand that the project should not be continued. Well, it is still a shock, always! But you must not abandon a project too early. There is one particular project that I have been trying to finish for 9 years and only now we found a technology and invented some solutions that will allow us to do it. So one should use the intuition to determine if an idea is 100% bad or there is a slight chance.

Q: Your startup Websplosion is about creating social networking websites. Why is it interesting for you?

A: I think it is a good field for experiments with design, usability, new technologies. It is already obvious that all of us are too deeply inserted into the web thing to abandon it or forget about its existence, so we have to live with it. Or in it. And if we have to live with it we need to make it as comfortable as possible. The borders between “online” and “offline” are thinner every day. For me this is the exact point to be nowadays, the most interesting one. Cool stuff happens here. Technologies are born and die. And even I can invent something new.

Q: You went to a movie school, does it help with your software projects?

A: Yes, as I said I direct our software projects as if they were movies. It is all about the story, the perception. A social network, a website, a mobile app, they are all about stories. And the stories should be simple and nice. Why Tinder is so popular now? Because the story is very simple: left means “no”, right means “yes”. Is not it cool? I think the guy who invented this is a genius.

Now we are also developing a project that is a 3D chat environment software that will run on all devices. People will be able to put their own faces on the avatars. There is a lot of stuff to invent in this project so I find it very interesting for me. And it is very cinematographic as well. And almost every day we find something that seems a huge wall, an obstacle that can not be broken. And we break it by the end of the day. And tomorrow a new obstacle appears. It is a constant struggle. This is why it is so interesting.

Q: You live in several countries but where do your programmers live and work?

A: Now I live in Brazil but go to Europe quite often though I love to be in South America most of the time. We pay our taxes in Great Britain where our company is registered. But most of the programmers work from Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, India. There are also American and European employees in the support team (because they have no accent, hehe).

I love remote work as well as all our employees do. It has been a game changer for our team. We have been fortunate to be able to tap into the largest pool of talent possible across the entire WORLD. Just imagine it, you have a city with 1 million inhabitants, so you need to choose the best programmer among these people. And then you have the world with its 7 billion people and you need to choose the best programmer among them. Which one will probably be a better choice? And I am sure that we have the best programmers, the best designers, the best everyone. Just because of the nature of this remote work.

I believe deeply that this is the future of work – and it has even more benefits than might meet the eye. I have read several articles lately about the benefits of a more productive remote team. Productivity is just the beginning of what we have experienced over the last few years. People are just happier to work at home. And it translates to our products, they all look and feel happy, comfortable. Like the favourite chair of our designer which he uses at home.

I used to have an office and used to have a team seated in this office. It is not cool. For us it does not work. We want freedom when we try to make great things. I want the programmer to go for a bike ride to think about a problem. And he comes back and knows the answer. Well, we are in the 21st century, who needs offices anymore?

More and more walls and borders are broken every day. The founder of WhatsApp was born in Ukraine like me, well, Google itself was founded by Sergey Brin who was born in Moscow, Microsoft is run by an Indian guy. I think it is really, really good that it is possible now. The more we live the more open are all the borders that surround us.

Q: Interesting. Going back to movies, are you planning to film one soon?

A: Unfortunately movies can not be planned, at least in my case. They need to come. You need to wait for them. Not long ago we came back from Germany where we won at a very cool festival with our film. 800 movies were sent to the festival and we won. I thought, maybe it is a sign, maybe the next one should be filmed here, in Germany? I walked around the city of Mannheim every day and thought a lot and even invented a story, but a month passed and I understood that the story was not really good. You can not invent one. It needs to come by itself. Like the terminator who came to Cameron in a dream, when he was sleeping.

And meanwhile, when you are waiting for your next story, which might never come by the way, you can invent something simpler like a new app or a social network.

Living An Exceptional Life

Living An Exceptional Life



Living An Exceptional Life

How To Be Broke And Stupid And End Up As A Full Time Employee

How To Be Broke, Stupid And End Up As A Full Time Employee

Today I want to talk about the concept of advertising but sometimes people just don’t get it..  Like Jim Said how bad can it get?

I have lost count the number of times I have come across people who hate selling or advertising.  This is too salesy oooh they are trying to sell me something.

The truth is no matter how much you think you hate selling my friend.  You would not be on this page today without some selling.  What made you click on this link.

How did your father sell your mother on how sexy she or he was??  You where born weren’t you to be here with us today.   Do you resent that?  Because if everyone was like you then there are many reasons why you wouldn’t be here.

The fact is that in order for anyone to make money a sale has to be made.  You may argue with that but that’s how money or value is created.  Of course you can also be an employee a kind of voluntary slave.  But in order to pay the slaves some sales need to be made.

Unless you are of course willing to slave for free? The only way to sell products and services is by hard selling picking up telephone making a list like what the MLM Dinosaurs marketers would tell you.

Or else just putting something out there in front of people.  Sounds too easy right well the truth is even if you are the type of person who claims to hate selling.   I can guarantee you that people like to buy stuff!

New Car, New House, New Clothes, A Holiday, Holiday Home and the list goes on forever..  A few years ago I noticed Google and one of their top employees NOTE THE WORD EMPLOYEE !!! Not someone who makes money by selling or through business but by being a company slave (Licking Butt) Oops was that a misprint?

I remember a few years ago when I had about 650 websites there where quite a lot of updates from my different sites that used to go onto Facebook automatically via a feed.   I was making a lot of commissions from these sites one day I had a friend message me she said that she could see too many updates coming from me.

The funny thing was she had started doing stuff online but wasn’t  making any money and couldn’t figure out why. When I went to her Facebook wall was all chat about her day. Where she had been what she did of course there was nothing to click on to buy even to optin and get something for free.

I replied to her unfortunately for you I make a lot of money from affiliate products and advertising and without sharing blog post links or having ads on my websites.   I wouldn’t be affiliate marketing I would be working as an employee.

So I have a choice I can delete all my banners not offer any products and services for sale and be broke..  And find myself a job working for someone who is making sales by whatever means.

Or you can unfriend me on Facebook and that way you won’t see any updates ..

Instead of unfriending me it helped her realise why she wasn’t making anything from her website and she was actually very grateful for the point i made. :-)  And she has stuck up in for me in a few heated FB posts quite a few times since then 😉

Yes I do know a few top marketers who talk about not sending links on Facebook.  But the truth is they made their first money online creating you tube videos and putting links on Facebook and Twitter.  And the reason why they don’t have to put links on their Facebook profiles or blogs now is because they spend thousands of dollars a month.

With their Facebook ads spam :-) or email spam but then again that is why they make millions of dollars while people who gossip and chat on FB are broke.  And working a job so decide which one you want to be and above all use common sense.. 😉

The choice is entirely yours my friend


How To Be Broke,Stupid And End Up As A Full Time Employee