What Are Solo Ads And How You Can Use Them!

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What Are Solo Ads And How You Can Use Them!

If you are brand new to marketing online you may not even know yet what solo ads are.  So let’s cover the basics of what solo ads are and how you can use them to generate an income on the Internet.  Recently I joined a well known solo ad company, and even though I know there are lots of different ones and some are a lot more responsive than others.

I joined this one . The reason for this is because I get regular emails from top online marketers which I actually open regularly.  So if top earners are using this company to mail regularly, then you gotta figure out there must be a reason for it.   And if lots of Internet Marketers like me are opening the emails, then they are bound to be getting a good income, especially when they send out a good offer or business opportunity.

Solo Ads are generally companies or individuals who have built up a large list of subscribers, they have collected their basic information minimally their email address and then you can approach that person or company and pay them to mail their list for you.  Or do a joint venture with you.   For example, if you both have big lists they might send out an email for you about your product or service to their list.   And in exchange you might send out an email for them to your list.

A lot of the top earners in the affiliate marketing industry use Solo Ads, Banner Advertising and also Other paid advertising methods to generate a substantial income online.  So if you haven’t yet looked or tried this method of getting traffic to your business opportunity then I would advise you to do so.  Especially if you have tried other methods and failed, then this may be your opportunity for a breakthrough.

I just registered for the platinum package this gives you the opportunity to mail to 3000 People every three days that is a total of 30,000 people a month. Which could get a lot of eyes on your business opportunity and also sales or at the very least build you a big list in the process.  I would be very interested in anyone who uses solo ads on a regular basis and is having more success with any specific solo ad providers to also post their comments below.  As it will also be of great benefit to our readers.

While we are on the subject of marketing funnels there is about one day to get Free Access to the new IPAS Marketing System  for FREE..    After that you will have to pay to register so if you haven’t already I would advise you to at least take a look and see what training and done for you systems it has to offer..

I would say that this new system will make a complete killing using solo ads as it is completely rebranded so everything will be brand new including capture pages and marketing trainings and everything else including the bells and whistles you can click here to see for yourself.


What Are Solo Ads And How You Can Use Them!

AT2020 Audio Technika Microphone Review ( It Arrived Today)

AT2020 Audio Technika Microphone Review ( It Arrived Today)

Today my new mic I was waiting for arrived in fact a day earlier than expected from Amazon am absolutely delighted with it. I needed it as I got an IMAC recently and although the sound in my videos etc was perfect I discovered that when doing my weekly Team Training Google hangouts there was quite a bit of background noise going to all the other hangout members from my computer.  I already had a Samson microphone which I have to say was pretty good.  But since the microphone quality on my desktop PC is horrible I need to use it for the PC and switching over mics and making sure it is working every time can be a complete pain.

So as from a recommendation of one of my mentors from one of his Livestream events I bought this AT2020 Microphone I made a short video of it. Sorry   the camera was getting beat about alot while I unwrapped everything.  It looks and sounds absolutely amazing and I also found a video on You Tube of someone singing on the AT2020 Microphone and you can hear for yourself the sound is crisp and clear.


Order One Of These From Amazon Today


AT2020 Microphone Arrives From Amazon

Part 1


 Part 2



My First Video Using AT2020 Microphone


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AT2020 Sound Test (You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban)

AT2020 Audio Technika Microphone Review ( It Arrived Today)

Team Training How To Vlog From Your Mobile 27 08 2

Team Training How To Vlog From Your Mobile 27 08 2



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Team Training How To Vlog From Your Mobile 27 08 2

ALS Icebucket Challenge Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

ALS Icebucket Challenge Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

ALS Icebucket Challenge3

ALS Icebucket Challenge Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

Coupons And Internet Marketing Are You Using Them

Coupons And Internet Marketing Are You Using Them For Your Business

Have you thought of or used coupons before for your online Internet Marketing business, or any other business for that matter.  The fact is that on a daily basis most of us in the day to day running of our lives or business,  buy countless items be it digital or physical products on a daily basis.  Of course there are times of the year that specific items are sold.  For example an all year round buying business would be internet marketing as we generally need to buy domains,hosting, software and lots of other digital products on a pretty regular basis.

That is where coupons can come in very useful you can save large amounts of money for products that you are buying all you need to do is look and see if there is a coupon discount code for your particular product.  Some examples of this would be  to buy a new domain.On  GoDaddy a domain might cost anywhere between $12 to $14 but using a discount coupon you could buy the same domain for $1.97 saving you a total of $10 to $12.  The same goes for hosting, digital products and if you are going to a conference or seminar you can also save money using coupons on flights hotels and many other services and products.

Voucher Sky

There are also some things which people buy online are more seasonal like Christmas shopping, Summer Vacations/Holidays Valentines Day Gifts , Mothers Day Gifts Fathers Day Gifts Etc.  If you are looking to buy any of these things online it is always worthwhile to do a search and see if you can find some money off discount coupons. Some people may feel this is penny pinching, but if done regularly.  If you are making an average saving of 50% remember our first voucher in this post was saving over 500%, then you will be effectively  doubling your buying power.

If you think about this it can be a very powerful concept as you could effectively be doubling your income  just by doing this one thing or if you look at it another way spend half your income and take extra time off work..   :-)   There are a few different alternatives you could maybe go to You Tube, type in what you are looking for and the word coupons.  For example hosting coupons,domain coupons, money off hosting coupons.  You could also follow this procedure on Google or Bing as well that way you can find out if there are coupons for the products you want to buy online.

Alternatively, you could save yourself all the bother and hassle of looking for all these coupon sites on the search engines and just visit Voucher Sky directly .

They offer lots of vouchers from software and computers right through to holidays,gifts, mobile phone coupons and lots more.  Just remember before you make any purchases online look for a coupon and find out how much money you will be able to save today.



s And Internet Marketing Are You Using Them For Your Business

Over 150 Million Commissions Paid To Affiliates New Launch Coming This Month

Over 150 Million Commissions Paid To Affiliates  New Launch Coming This Month

urlOf course without our affiates and Entrepreneurs we wouldn’t be able to generate the success or income that has been done so far.

That’s why we are looking for people who want to be able to work from home or anywhere with an income connection.   People who are interested in running their own home based business.  And enjoying the freedom that the internet lifestyle can provide with the right amount of committed determination and effort.

Of course you maybe are new to online marketing or perhaps you have never even heard of this business before . Either way you can find out more by attending our special Live Training in which David Wood covers the secrets of building a successful online business.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and helping you in your journey to build an online income for yourself and  also your famiy.  Feel Free to contact me with any questions or queries you might have.  In the meanwhile if you are serious about making money online you really need to get registered for  this Live event.

As the timer is counting down and getting there before it is too late is essential if you want to be at the right place at the right time for the launch of  this business. I myself am shocked at the amount of people who do not understand how to generate an income online.

In fact even a good friend and client of mine admitted to me recently he had no idea that Internet Marketing even existed a few years ago.  Never mind understanding how to do it.   If you want to make a large income you need to learn from people who are doing it on a consistant basis.

Who better to teach you than someone who’s company has paid out over 150 Million US Dollars in commissions to it’s affiliates. If you would you also like to be a part of that. Then you can go and get yourself registered for our Livestream Training Now .

If you want to get results you need to make things happen. And my friend without action nothing happens, broke people stay broke and poor people stay in the same place.  If you have read this far then I would say you are not that kind of person in fact I would say  you are more likely to be an action taker .

So Just do what you need to do click the link to find out more about this huge money and business opportunity Today.  And I will see you on the other side.


(Please note not every one will put in the effort I put into this business so not everyone will create as much income as me or anyone else in this business)

Please see Average Income Disclaimer For More Details

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos.



Over 150 Million Commissions Paid To Affiliates  New Launch Coming This Month

Give a Crazy Person A Blog And Watch The Fireworks

Give a Crazy Person A Blog And Watch The Fireworks

Even though at the moment I am pretty focused on a new launch in my business I just couldn’t help but interrupt to talk about this subject.

I know there are people in the world who are crazy whether you call it mental health programming, damage by pharmaceuticals.

Whatever reason you give it there are some really unthinkably damaged people out there.

The thing about it is and what makes it dangerous is that quite often these same people just blend into society.


They might be ugly,beautiful or even completely average, but lurking inside there is a mind full of unthinkable anger,guilt,selfishness and very often a strong hate for others often targeted at specific people. Which in fact can be very dangerous for anyone around them both mentally and physically as well.

Often these type of people could go by for years without anyone noticing their strange behaviour patterns or the way they treat others close to them, and for some people that is probably a good thing. But from a safety level not realizing. How angry, hateful and prejudiced they are could leave you open to repercussions, from their actions or behaviour.

But let them loose on a blog and it all becomes as plain as day, even if they probably are hiding some of their more sinister thoughts or behaviour.  It can be difficult to write in a different way than what your mind works. I would say this may not go for everybody but really a blog is somewhere that people write down what they are thinking as they think it.  A few years ago I went on a trip and happened to be with one of these people and a friend and even up until that point the person in question had seemed okay a couple of things they said and a couple of ways they behaved made me think. There is something not right with this person and even though my subconscious mind was screaming at me Danger Danger Danger I kind of ignored it.

Since then I have seen some really unbelievable behaviour patterns which have caused a lot of sorrow for many people.  And with this continual crazy behaviour, will probably produce a lot more.  You are the sower even though I am not a great believer in religion. As I think most religions are totally hypocritical, I do believe in the saying you reap what you sow.   So if you Sow hate and selfishness to your closest family and do things that could endanger their health or safety then you may reap something that you gave out in the first place.

The funny thing about this person is they think they are in control by giving orders and threats to their close family.  Kinda blackmail really like the mafia, I don’t think this is a good way to get what you want in fact it is completely insane. But then again if your life borders on insanity this may be 100% normal. Even if the things this person has done in the past in my eyes are extremely sick and down there with the bottom feeders.   There are only two ways to go they need to realise what a complete and utter C*** they are and decide to change their ways.

Or continue to act insane and watch as their world gets dragged apart by themselves before being locked in a mental institution and drugged up to the hilt..   Will be interesting to see what choice they make in the meanwhile all close family will suffer or else get pissed off and leave.  Time will tell and like I said even if I am not a great religious believer  I do believe there is something out there be it a guidance system which we can all take advantage of and go in the right direction.  Or we can ignore and chose anger and hate and literally chop peoples heads off verbally and mentally attack our families and hope karma forgets the choice is entirely up to us..

Surprisingly this person behaves with utter contempt to so many people that they have probably lost count, The only message I can give to them is. No matter how much contempt they have  it is really directed at themselves I feel only pity.

Pity for there sorrow in the past,

Pity for the sorrrow they will have in the future if they continue to behave this way.

And pity for being so brainwashed with BS that it affects their judgement system and destroys anyone and everyone in their path (except the ones they lick up to for mental support)..


P.S. If you ever want a way to detect someones mental state give them a blog and let them loose…

Namaste (Rant Over)


Give a Crazy Person A Blog And Watch The Fireworks

Top Producer Livestream (Open To The Public)

Top Producer Livestream (Open To The Public)


It went Live a day early so now you don’t have to hang around for years to become a Top Producer in your onine business.  Just follow the formula that is producing many for millionaires in 2014 And Beyond.

We are in this for the long term the trainings the last few nights have been amazing the value is extremely out of this world.

The crazy thing is that when you see this you won’t believe it so I am not going to say another Word..

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Top Producer Livestream (Open To The Public)

The Top Producer Formula Is Live For Affiliates GO GO GO…

The Top Producer Formula Is Live For Affiliates GO GO GO…



If you want to be able to produce results marketing online then you need to get registered for the Livestream training.  If you want to radically transform your life you need to do something radically different. We are not after average results here as average results are for average people so if you just want an easy life and an instant lotto ticket then this will not be the business for you..  On the other hand if you are tired of living a mediocre lifestyle being broke and have decided that you are ready to step up and take your business to the next level then you should most definetely be at this event.

The cost of this Live event is a measly $7 so it really will not break the bank for you and what you will get access too is trainings from some of the top earners in our online industry .  No matter what business you are in it is probably moving or has already moved online.  So if you do not know how to market your products and services online.  Then your competitors will sell to them instead.

Once again like I said this business is not for you if you want to be comfortable and sit with your feet up on a chair without any time energy or money investment.  There may be products online that promise this but realistically they very rarely deliver what they say.   We are not going to tell you the Pushbutton easy BS story as you do need to work to be truly successful.


Some characters you will need to generate success in this business or any other business is.


1. To keep going and pushing forward after the others have quit and gave up on their dream life.

2. The ability to overcome challenges be it recruiting challenges income challenges or even sometimes days when nothing seems to work.

3. You need a belief in what you are doing if you have a little voice in the back of your head feeding you a negative story or you let friends and family feed you the negative story and start to believe it you will fail to achieve your dreams.

4. You need to be determined to do whatever it takes no matter what.. 

5. You might need to sacrifice your health for a few months..

6. You might need to sacrifice your leisure for a few months.

7. The great thing is if you can get through these challenges your business can and will take on a life of it’s own.

8. When my son broke his leg and I spent two months sitting with him keeping him company as he was feeling very low.  My business continued to bring me in a good income from efforts I made in the past and also from efforts of other members of my team.

9 I have had days when I went for a walk on the beach and came home to $1000 commissions

10 Days when i celebrated an anniversary spent $1000 came back thinking omg I spent so much today and when I arrived home after two days of not working I had made $45000 in commissions.

11. I have had people in my team who have had $1000 and $3000 Days in their business 

12. In 36 days I made $9600 in my business.

13. Is this worth a bit of struggle or work in the beginning you bet it is.

14.  Are You ready To Do What It Takes To Make Some Changes In Your Business, Life and Income .

15 . Then it is time for you to get started just click the link below and for a measly $7 you can be on the road to changing your financial future .

(P.S. Not everyone will put in the effort I Did so you can check out our income disclaimer here )


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The Top Producer Formula Is Live For Affiliates GO GO GO…

Why are all the Guru’s Copying Empower Network

Why are all the Guru’s Copying Empower Network

Woman with peace sign or bunny ears over meditating Guru's headLet’s face it when Empower Network hit the scene a while it turned Network And Affiliate Marketing Upside down.  For the first time ever people where able to get paid what they where worth instead of chasing weeny $20 Commissions. Recently Empower Network made some changes to also increase the amount or level of passups and also an additional  marketing tool to make it attractive to traditional network marketing teambuilders as well.   As Empower Network continues to innovate all the so called Guru’s are copying Empower while running them down to their client’s ( Maybe they are running scared)

I have recently seen at least 4 well known marketers trying to copy their affiliate and 100% Commission system but the truth is!  It’s not the same!

1. They don’t have the same community

2. The Guru’s Goals are not to make 100 New Millionaires a year ( More like make them a 100 Million themselves)

3. The Guru’s are blatantly (TRYING) to copy Empower Networks teachings trainings commission systems but no matter what they do it will never be the same.

4. I just read a report from a top affiliate marketer offering a EN like business 100% commission on first sale  but is the passup commission plan the same? Of course not.

5. The truth is there are so many people looking to make a quick buck in Internet and Affiliate Marketing and the truth is with that mentality most of them will be or soon go broke.

6. There are other people who believe in their goals believe in their vision and are willing to work their butt off well after all the pussies have quit and run home with their tail between their legs?

7. Question is are you going to be one of them?

8 Will you quit on your dreams or go back to some boss to take orders and sell your life in return for temporary job security ?

9. Or you could join one of the BS Guru’s who are trying to copy businesess that set the standard for changing peoples lives and tell you they will make you rich.

10. One thing I can guarantee you is once you have paid the guru’s all your money you are on your own my friend.

11. No team around to help you in fact to be blunt as far as most of the gurus’s go they do not give a fuck about you.

12. So after you enroll for guru training you are once again on your own till the next guru comes along.

13. So my friend are you looking for another Guru?  Or are you looking for a team of people who want to help you to grow all your incomes together for the good of everyone.


Take Your Pick if you are looking for a GURU pick a random Facebook Ad or just Google the word GURU :-) 

Alternatively if you want someone who will help you build your online business and be a part of our highly motivated entrepreneurial team then click here to join us


Why are all the Guru’s Copying Empower Network