The easy way out is for losers?


The easy way out is for losers?

This may not sit well with everyone but there is a reason why more than 95% of online business owners fail.   And today if you have done or are using an excuse for being part of that group I want to dispel a myth for you right away.

It’s not because online business doesn’t work!!  It’s because you don’t work- when I say YOU don’t work I do not mean that you never do anything though in many cases that is and may well be true..

If you are failing in an online business then you probably suffer from the 5% Effort Syndrome ..

Putting in 5% effort and expecting or more than likely hoping for  100% of a result..

Or you may fall into the other category putting in 80% Effort before running out of steam a few days or weeks later.

Or you may just be lacking the common sense factor?  Sometimes when selling products and services online you need a bit of common sense,  in my time I have had one or two team members that where really severely lacking in that department.

Lack of common sense can be made up for by giving 100% Effort or 100% Commitment.

But if you lack common sense, commitment, a desire to put a large effort into building a life changing income and long term staying power then the chances are your life and income may suck..

Let’s face it if you cannot work consistently for a year or two in order to create a lifechanging income for yourself and your family.  Then what future have you got short of hoping or waiting for an inheritance, a handout or a luck lotto ticket..

Okay you can always go down the non secure job security route though personally I think that sucks worse than anything else..

Watch the video below and see Robert Kiyosaki’s view of being an employee.

The reason I have earned nearly 50k with just  one of my many online business models is I do not quit…  I may have holidays , I may have lazy days but when it comes down to it I get back down to marketing my business online.

In fact even when I don’t do any work I can make over 2000.00 or $3000.00 dollars in one day (What about  You?)

Either way you can chose to win or chose to be a loser it just depends on what actions you start  doing regularly so why not just get started doing something today.


Remember time is more valuable than money so remember that every day you waste by not  taking action on fulfilling your dreams and lifetime ambitions.  Is a day you will never get back, so make your days count.


Switch the television off and start focusing your time and energy on a business or goal that can change your life and the lives of the people around you.


One other great tip is practice gratitude and stop complaining!!  When you complain you become a walking talking crap magnet.  The more you complain the more shitty things life will throw at you it is like a self fulfilling prophecy..

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The easy way out is for losers?

Success Tips – By Jim Rohn Part 1

Success Tips – By Jim Rohn  Part 1

When it comes to inspiration nobody in my mind does or did it better than Jim Rohn everything he said was stated in a simple but easy to understand way.

Today I want To Share Some Of Jim Rohns Tips For Success With You.

I hope you see the amazing changes in your life and business that I did..  :-)


Learn The Simple Economic Formula That Works For Everybody

We get paid by delivering value to the marketplace (The People) This can either be through a product or a service

-Jim Rohn-

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.24.26

What you become, pays much more that what you can bring.  ( The Value You Become)

Here are a list of Quotes and Sayings from Jim Rohn that can and will change your life (If you allow them too)


Help people to see themselves better than they are

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job

Don’t be lazy in your language

Your Income is determined by your philosophy


If you want to massively increase your income here are some things you should do -

You have got to learn more than one skill, by adding just one extra skill you could make your income grow exponentially.

Learn a second language and give it as a gift to your children

Be so busy giving recognition that you don’t need it for yourself

Learn to effect other people with your language

Teach people how to be a leader

Learn how to inspire people.

Become an expert at finding good people

Learn the skill of getting people to work together

Reward people for making small steps of progress in their life or business

Show people how business works

Show people how life works

Get good at training…



And above all always remember 

Your Income Is Determined By Your Philosophy

—Jim Rohn—


 Click Here To Read Success Tips By Jim Rohn Part 2

Success Tips – By Jim Rohn

Social Media – Whats Happening In 2015

Social Media – Whats Happening In 2015

As mobile technology grows do you know what what is happening in the online marketplace?

Watching the video below will give you an idea of just how fast things are moving.  Will you keep up with the latest online technology or become an internet dinosaur?

Find out more by watching the short video below .



Social Media – Whats Happening In 2015

Does Your Business Make Money When You Are Off Sick?

Does Your Business Make Money When You Are Off Sick?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before?

If you stopped working today, how much money would your job or business bring you in over the next week month or even over the next few years.  Would you and your family still be able to live the lifestyle that you are accustomed to or would you and your family live a lifestyle of financial challenge?

The truth of the matter is that many families live paycheck to paycheck,  meaning if there next one or two paycheck stopped they would be in financial hardship.  Just to pay things like there house or rent, property taxes, utility billls, food etc..  Sometimes this reality sets in a little bit late.

Maybe they fall and break a bone or get an unexpected illness or one of their family gets sick.


The bad news is that stuff like this happens to people like us in life  every single day.

The good news is we can make things a lot easier financially by planning out a good business that pays you residually whether you go to work or not.


Think About It!!

All the companies that make the most money all have the same things in common they get paid daily, weekly or monthly in some cases annually no matter what.


Who do you pay regularly.


You pay the oil companies to put fuel in your gas tank daily or weekly

You pay oil companies to put oil in your central heating

You Pay the gas companies to supply you with gas

You pay a mobile phone company for a mobile phone monthly

You pay the Electric company to supply you with electricity.

You may pay your bank or mortgage company to pay your mortgage or loans for your home or properties?

You may pay a finance company monthly for your car?

You may pay a credit card company monthly as well?

You pay to licence your vehicles

You pay Car or vehicle Taxes on your vehicles probably annually or every 6 months

Food And Groceries , Daily Or Weekly

Christmas Gifts Annually

Anniversary Gifts, Annually

Birthday Gifts, Annually

Perhaps an annual holiday or two or 3 a year.


And the list goes on and on.


This is the magic question you now need to ask yourself?

Who pays me weekly , monthly or annually and If I cannot work tomorrow will they continue to pay me the same money as what I will require to pay all the  expenses that are listed above.


If the answer is Yes then you are on the right track congratulations!! 

If your answer is no. Then the road you are going down could be the road to disaster later down the line.


So what can you do about it, well once again there are once again many different options.

1. You can do nothing and hope you live forever and hope neither yourself or your family will ever have any complications to need to leave your job.

2. You can do the lottery and hope you are that that one in 400 million people that hit the jackpot and do not have to worry about money again.

3. Setup your own oil company a little expensive and possibly a steep learning curve.

4. Start researching different ways to create passive income streams and hope to find one that suits your budget skills and mindset.

5. You can copy me and join a business that makes me a passive residual income whether I am sick or well?


I personally have now solved this problem and today I am offering you a possible solution.  Some work is required especially in the beginning to get your business going.  It is so worth it though to be able to have the opportunity to not have to worry about what your boss says or worry when you want or need to take the day off and still get paid.

See Income Disclaimer Here


Want to join me Click The Button Below Enter Your Email and press the button to find out more.


Or you can do what you have always done and hope something will change.  It’s entirely up to you.




Does Your Business Make Money When You Are Off Sick?

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki speaks out on the benefits of Network Marketing

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki speaks out on the benefits of Network Marketing and the challenges of working for a paycheck

Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki speaks out on the benefits of Network Marketing and the challenges of working for a paycheck

How To Build Excitement Around Your Business

How To Build Excitement Around Your Business

When it comes to your own business if you really want a high level of success

1.Then you need to love it.

2. You have to be excited about it.

3. You should believe in the goals and vision that you have for your business.

It’s like this if you have a product if you have a service if you have a business that you are really excited about?

Then you are in a better position than the majority of business owners.  This is like having the keys to the treasure chest you just need to sustain a lot of action until your business takes off to where you want it to be.

The truth is excitement sells and I know this firsthand as it has happened to me again and again in business.  As soon as you lift your energy and your beliefs follow the money comes rolling in.

People will believe what you believe  they will sense it from the other side of the world.  If you are sitting right now thinking your business sucks and there is no future for it then my friend the chances are your customers and associates are not far behind you or your thoughts.

I joined a business a couple of years ago after 6 months into the business my excitement was going through the roof so where the sales..  I was running my business as directed but multiplied my daily tasks by three.

Sales started to follow like crazy and the commissions started to pile up. After a year or so a new business platform launched..  It wasn’t very google friendly like the first one plus I didn’t like it as I was used to WordPress.

This was one of the main products in my business and for me even if I was still excited about other things happening in our company this was bringing me down. Don’t get me wrong I still made thousands of dollars from work I did passups from other team members even if I took long periods off from my business.

But the excitement didn’t come naturally anymore during those times.  Even though I more than made up for it with passups from other team members I wasn’t getting as many signups as I had when I loved the product.  So really the bottom line is to love what you are selling, what you are doing and sharing the excitement will come easily.

Since then this business completely revamped al it’s products and created the best WordPress platform I could have dreamed of.   Conversions are up my excitement and motivation is better than ever..   And I am seeing my team members also getting some great results.

This business is for anyone!

A hobbyist

A professional

A Internet Marketer




Small Business Owner

Large Business Owner

Law Firm


In fact no matter what your business is you will benefit from this blog or website and from the trainings that come with it. I can guarantee you that plus it also comes with a 14 Day money back guarantee.  So taking this business for a test drive doesn’t have to cost you much..

And the benefits you can get from it are completely priceless.

If you want to get access to the system that has been making me passive residual income for years while I sleep the modern completely upgraded version then just click The Link below to get Instant Access today

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That way you can start getting excited about your business too.
Picture 10

How To Build Excitement Around Your Business

Empower Network Bloggers Flooding Back After Big Mistake

Empower Network Bloggers Flooding Back After Big Mistake


If you haven’t heard yet ENV3 has launched.  The New Kalatu Blogging Platform is going to be setting a lot of new records.  People who didn’t like ENV2 and left are flocking back in their droves.  The New Kalatu Blogging platform is an income opportunity like no other and it is still only at the beginning stages.

This is like a relaunch of Empower Network and 160,000,000 of paid commissions later you need to ask yourself would you like to be a part of the group earning the commissions.

See Income Disclaimer


Anyone who knows anything about marketing online will be getting this question  will they buy it from you or me?  Or someone else.

The only way to decide that you will have the opportunity to  get paid the residual commissions is get registered today for only $7 .


I Just completed the 21 day Blogging Challenge

21 day blogging challenge

21 day blogging challenge


There are lots on new themes you can use, ready made calls to action.  A headline ideas button a post ideas button and also you can join our 21 Day Blogging Challenge .

Successful people decide quickly and change their mind slowly.  Most unsuccessful people are indecisive so decide which one you want to be .

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P.S. New sales and marketing funnels are being released later this week.

Picture 10


Empower Network Bloggers Flooding Back After Big Mistake

Viral URL Review

Viral URL Review

Okay, So you made up your mind up to start making money online. Like many others before you , You maybe thought it would be a good idea to start with the affiliate programs. Also, you  have most probably heard that it’s not anything unusual to make a lot of money  using affiliate marketing, As long you choose the right affiliate programs to join.

It doesn’t really Whether you are promoting your own or other people’s products or services online – After all it you that will be getting paid the rewards. So whichever way you decide to go, I am most certain that you would not intend to leave money on the table and let others make your share of the profits.

Even though  affiliate marketing is quite a  competitive industry. If you are strategic in your marketing, then there is a big chance that this could become extremely profitable.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 13.45.03

If you Take a good look at the affiliate marketing industry, you will probably notice that many people who get into affiliate marketing do not become successful or quit too soon. People who are doing well in this business.Have made the decision to succeed no matter what. In fact, they do not allow any  room for failure. Take every possible security measure and understand how important it is to succeed.

In fact! Security  is also a big Key factor when it comes to affiliate Marketing.  Not  taking proper security measures will leave your business susceptible to risk. One of the best ways to protect your security is to protect all your affiliate links. Don’t take them for granted. Just A  little bit of carelessness  in regards to affiliate links may cost you  money.

Do you know the extremely long, complicated links that people send  to their prospective customers not only look quite bad, but they can also create lot’s of problems as well! If you send  affiliate links like these to your customers, then some of the smarter ones will discover  that you have been promoting another persons  product and they would rather go directly to the  company. Plus if your link doesn’t work, then your customers have to type a very long URL into the their browser, This has also a very good chance of putting them off ordering the product.

Worse again, What if some  Internet pirates decide to steal your affiliate links and replace them with their own links. If they have done this, then you could end up with no commission whatsoever :-( .

Hope i didn’t scare you off with all of those  possibilities?  I just want to open your eyes and tell you things that actually happen when marketing on the internet. It happened with me before and could happen to you.

So, my friend if you haven’t been  getting the results yet, out of your affiliate marketing. Then do not  lose hope as there is surely an easy enough remedy to your  problem and that is ViralURL

By now you are  probably asking, what is this and how can it help me to avoid  any of these disasters in my online business?
Then just read on read on, Especially if you love growing your business.

What ViralURL is a link/url  shortener and a cloaker that protects your  links. There may be some unethical people on the internet, Who will bypass or might even  play with your affiliate links by cutting them off  the end or completely replacing them with their own.If your links are tampered with, then any hard work you put in to promote and market your stuff will be rendered completely useless to you.

Avoiding  such a rip off is easy, ViralURL protects your links and sees to it that your online businesses affiliate links do not get exposed to unscrupulous people.

So better save yourself from getting ripped off today. Make sure that you receive all the commissions to your account that you have created. This is easy if you are using  ViralURL


Is ViralURL limited to only link protection?


It does much much more than that. Let’s see what ViralURL can do for us:

*Use ViralURL to help  us in protecting our commissions.
*Use ViralURL to build your mailing lists.
*You can use ViralURL to track statistics.
*You can use ViralURL to earn ad credits.

This helps you to create massive business leverage.
I cannot  see any negative aspect associated with ViralURL. All you  do is join it for free, cloak your links, and promote them and watch as your business grows.

You can get more detailed information about the program from the Website ViralURL  at .


You can also find quite a few unsolicited testimonials from various users of this system. So if you are serious about  protecting your online business, try ViralURL. You have nothing to lose with it.


Viral URL Review

Ways To Make Money Online At Home

 In todays article I would like to tell you some ways to make money online At home.

There are in fact too many ways to talk about in just one article, but with over ten years experience working online, there are quite a number of ideas I will be able to give you, that you can use to make money at home.

Firstly, I will start off by listing some of the different ways to make money and then I will talk a little about each of them.

Ebay – You can register for a seller account with Ebay it is Free. Once you do that you can start listing products that you want to sell on Ebay.  A lot of people on Ebay make a fortune selling stuff on Ebay though there are some fundementals you would be learning from successful Ebay sellers as there are also a lot of people on Ebay who do not make very much.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.33.56 

Pros- Buyers market people on Ebay are sitting with their credit/debit card out ready to buy, Access to Millions Of Buyers and Sellers, Big money can be made if you learn what you are doing.

Cons- Listing Fees it costs you to list items on Ebay so if items do not sell you can lose money, Not everyone makes a lot of money, There can be a lot of competition in many Ebay Products which can cut down or eliminate your profit margin completely.



Amazon – With Amazon there are a few possibilities and ways to make money 

1. You can register as a seller and sell your own items on Amazon.

2. You can join the Amazon Associates programme and sell products as an Amazon affiliate via your website, videos or various other online marketing strategies.

3. You can Also create an Amazon Shop On Your Website they also give you lots of marketing tools like pictures, widgets and banners that you can use to sell Amazon Products.

Amazon Seller Pros-Amazon turns over millions on a daily basis, people trust doing shopping or buying on the Amazon website as it is a well known brand name, People who visit Amazon are often looking to buy something and have credit card in hand.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.28.00

Amazon listings appear at the top of Google so if you advertise under the right keywords so it is easy to get your ads seen on Google therefore driving lots of buyers to your listings.  As a seller you get whatever you sell the product for minus a commission I think it may be around 15% you would need to check with Amazon to get the exact figures. It is Free to list your product on Amazon so if you get no buyers it doesn’t cost you anything.

Cons- If your product is not unique you might have a lot of competition, which can make it harder to make a profit as some sellers sell stuff for a rediculously, low price to get rid of stock or get their sales volume up to increase their Amazon commission rates.  If you get too many customer complaints Amazon can and will ban you it happened to me all because a buyer in Brazil was trying to get stuff for free and did a chargeback on my account. You do not get access to the customers email anymore so you cannot build a list of buyers :-(  The commission rate Amazon charges is quite high

Amazon Associates –  As an affiliate of Amazon you can sell other peoples products and get paid a commission for it.

Pros – Amazon has practically every kind of product you can think of so you have a huge range of products you can make a commission on.  Because of Amazons upsells, someone could click on your affilliate link to buy a set of dumbells and end up buying a $1200 home fitness suite instead. They also have all kinds of marketing materials from pictures,banners,widgets and even embedded online stores for your blog or website. Your commission rates increase when you sell more products.

Cons- Commission rates are very low from about 3% to maybe up to 9 or 10% if you are selling hundreds of items a quarter you can check the latest prices at Amazon.Com.  You do not get to track who the buyers where or get their contact details even if they came from your website.



CEX – CEX is a store where you can buy and sell electronics everything from games, DVDs,Computers,Mobile Phones, Games consoles and much more so if you need money you can flog your unwanted electronics.  The other possibility is you could maybe buy something cheap in Amazon and sell it in CEX for a higher price, Or Buy something in CEX for a low price and sell it on Amazon or Ebay for a higher price. :-)

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.37.33


Pros- Great way to get rid of old electronics you may not be using around the house, If you can see a big enough margin between buy and sell price then you can make money and listing the items on Amazon is free.  Plus CEX tells you on their website what price they will buy your stuff for..

Cons-  You could buy CEX products that don’t sell on Amazon, Many items may not have enough of a margin to make a good profit. There may not be a CEX store to buy or sell your products near you



Affiliate Marketing –  Affiliate marketing is when you join an affiliate programme, and advertise a product that belongs to someone else.  You can find products to sell on many different websites and also websites like And .  If you do a search on Google or Bing you will find lots of affiliate programs on many different niches.

Pro’s- It’s a great way to make money online without having to create your own products or do customer services refunds etc.  A lot of places you can get as high as 70% commissions in rare cases 100% . If you have a subscriber base you can send them to a similar product that fits your market and make a lot of commissions selling other peoples products as an affiliate.

Cons- You do not always get the buyers list, you are reliant on the people who own the products being truthful and paying out the commissions you have made.  Selling affiliate products will not brand you as well as having your own products and services.  Sometimes you have to wait one or two months before you receive any commission payments. And you do not make all the money unless you are lucky enough to sell a product that pays out 100% commissions..



Fiverr -  You can make money on Fiverr  selling a variety of products or services. There is such a huge diversity of different gigs on Fiverr there will definetely be some you can do to make some money.  In fact some of them can even seem a bit on the crazy side.  :-)  Just go to look at the things for sale and then list something that you can do they allow you up to 20 Fiverr listings for each Fiverr account.

 Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.13.17

Pros – With a little bit of imagination you can make a nice bit of extra income on Fiverr. You can use this money to fund another online business, pay for content and services for your own websites, There is lots of people visit Fiverr so even without you personally advertising you can make money. Just try and post a nice picture and good headline and gig and you will go far.

Cons – Fiverr Take 20% commission so for every $5 sale you make they keep a $1, In the beginning you can only make a Fiverr Per Sale but as you move up to level 1 Level 2 Seller Or Top Seller you can add extras on top of your gig of up to $100



Elance – You can use Elance to find work or else to outsource work for other people and keep yourself a commission, you can find anything from writers to virtual assistants, graphic designers , translators you name it there is probably a long list of people on Elance who can do it for you.. 

Pros – You can find some really great top quality freelance employees here,  You can find people to work for a low price or high price you post a job and employees from around the world will bid on it. The most important thing is to check their references if they have lots of great comments they will probably do a good job.

Cons -You need to register first if you are going to be an employee then they will ask you to take a test and receive a Skype call.   There are  some people who can hardly understand English never mind write it so check the previous references or you could have a bad experience



Freelancer – You can use Freelancer to find work or else to outsource work for other people and keep yourself a commission, you can find anything from writers to virtual assistants, graphic designers , translators you name it there is probably a long list of people on Elance who can do it for you..


Pros – You can find some really great top quality freelance employees here,  You can find people to work for a low price or high price you post a job and employees from around the world will bid on it. The most important thing is to check their references if they have lots of great comments they will probably do a good job.

Cons -You need to register first if you are going to be an employee then they will ask you to take a test and receive a Skype call.   There are  some people who can hardly understand English never mind write it so check the previous references or you could have a bad experience



Create Your Own Products,Service‘s Software Etc -


You Can Sell Your Own Products on JVZOO.Com ,, Paydotcom.Com or use your own shopping cart and blog

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.40.04


Pros –  Makes you into an authority on your niche,  You can leverage affiliates to sell your products and services for you and pay them a commission as an affiliate.   You control the sales process  and the money when it arrives and can get paid even before the product is delivered.

Cons – You have to deal with customer services and have to setup all the products funnels systems and or pay someone to do it for you.  If your product does not deliver on it’s promises or is not too a high enough standard then it can also give you a bad reputation.


Wealthy Affiliate

Pros – You get 50% commissions of anyone who joins through your affiliate link, You can join for Free and if you are a paid member you get a $1 commission on any  Free members  that join through your link. You can interact with like minded bloggers, you get a blog creation tool, free members can get a basic free blog Paid members are allowed to create unlimited blogs within reason.  It also includes your hosting instead of paying $47 a month you can pay annually  for $347 And save some money .. Ideal for newbies who have not got a  clue about blogging.

Cons – Small commissions only possible to make $22.50 per month from each member. You are not allowed to share anything, links to anyone in the community without getting a warning or banned, many posts you make in the main website get flagged or deleted for example.  If someone says they are leaving or don’t say they had a joyful experience their posts tend to dissapear,   They teach you to target the keyword scams which is a very negative keyword in many  cases just putting down other companies to get free traffic from scam keywords, when in fact some of the companies they run down offer much better products and income opportunities and trainings than themselves.

I also do not like the way they teach you to make money by doing negative blog posts about other business opportunities. They also have a habit of leaving all the negative comments from people who put no effort into the business or never even purchased the products from other companies and make judgements about the business without any real experience of it.  And delete many  positive comments to make them look good. :-)   I think this is highly unethical after all the preaching they do about ethics.



Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.49.30

So Far In Wealthy Affiliate by putting a link on the end of the blog posts I have made $159 in Commissions  

Click Here To Join WA


Empower NetworkThis is a community of people who lift each other up using personal development, weekly calls regular Live Events or Livestreams. There main core product is a blogging platform but there are also high ticket commissionable products as well. They pay out 70% commissions on their products . The basic products are the blog at $25  a month, ed period for a week when you first joi3700 inst$19.97  A Month To Be An affilliate  they also offer Inner Circle $100 a month Monthly Product, Costa Rica Mastermind $500 one time payment, 15k Formula which is a $1000 And The Masters Course  which is $3500  There is a 1 off discount you can purchase all the products for $3700 instead of the normal $5143

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.07.58




Pros – This company has made me in excess of 40,000 in Sales, We have an amazing community and the possibility of earning $3587.50 from 1 customer  Plus a recurring  $87.50 Per Month, Regular Team Hangouts Lots of great trainings on Internet Marketing, Mindset,Network Marketing, Recruiting,Teambuilding . The only company I know with such a rigorous compliance training made by top lawyers with a large serious of videos on all compliance and networking aspects and also a test to pass to certify your understanding of the compliance procedures, A 100% transparent Earnings disclaimer which shows average company earnings very rarely seen in any other companies or online businesses.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 12.18.05


Not Everyone will make the money that I make so please see the income disclaimer for average earnings

Cons- To get the highest commissions you should buy all the products, Not everyone who joins will follow the ten core commitments,  Only for people who are serious about setting up an online business not good for tyre kickers or people who are looking a get rich quick scheme.  Unfortunately, many  people who do not put in the effort and do the work, or buy all the products, leave and  then they cry scam.   The majority of these people never bought or listened to all the products or followed the steps so they are not really qualified to judge something they haven’t seen or been a part of.


Click Here To Join Empower Network



IPAS –  IPAS is a type of digital franchise, training and online marketing system inside IPAS 

One of the unique things about IPAS is that setting it up is a complete step by step system, a series of videos guides you through this setup process.

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.24.56




Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.28.11

There are various levels of training in IPAS going from Basic Membership to a Black Member 

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 11.32.23

Here Is A Screenshot of my earnings so far in this system




Click Here To Join IPAS

 Not Everyone will make the money that I make so please see the income disclaimer for average earnings


Ways To  Make Money Online At Home


Why 90% Of People Go Back To Their 9 To 5 And Why

Why 90% Of People Go Back To Their 9 To 5 And Why


The truth about online business is that the majority of people, end up back in a 9 To 5 Job. There are a lot of reasons for that. That’s why in today’s post I want to talk about these reasons, and how you can avoid becoming another victim of these sad statistics.

1. People are programmed via school,church,Television and Radio,magazines and media that they need to act in a certain way. If you are surrounded by a specific programme long enough and often enough, then eventually you will start to believe and act like this. The indoctrination starts via government workers IE, Doctor’s Nurses, Teachers, Television and lots of other different places. The first step in changing this programme is becoming aware of it in the first place as sometimes people can not see the wood for the trees..

2. Society is programmed with a victim like mentality who bows down to authority. In order to control you, governments and the rich who run the world need to keep you compliant, they do not want you to question authority that is why they create the illusion of government. They want you to be dependant on them. That way they can create new laws to steal from you and put it down to government beaurocracy.

3. People are programmed from a very young child to go to school do what they are told and not question the teachers who are the all powerful rulers, This transfers over to the  government, police army, Tax Authorities, ETC ETC as you grow older. Using the illusion of a two or three party system, they tell you that you control the country by voting.The only problem is all the parties work for the same objective, and that is to steal money from the people by creating statutes and laws. That they use to take your money and belongings or  your time from you.

4. Everyone get’s told a price they are worth for minimum wage by the government, kind of a lowly paid continuation of school where they are told they are worth $7 an hour or whatever it is with juveniles often getting much less through other creative government schemes.

5. They are programmed to come in at 9am work till 5pm do exactly what they are told and then go home and forget about it till the next morning. In exchange for becoming dependant on a weekly or monthly wage from the employer. The government then takes a cut of between 15% up to 70% of their money for taxes which the so called government who are actually private limited corporations keep and look after for you.

6. In fact at birth we are programmed to sign our children over to the state via a birth certificate and told that without that we can not be a part of a society. That is why governments, hospitals and schools can take your children off you. Because you have already signed them over to the government.

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7. We do the same when it comes to our vehicles whenever you fill in a vehicle registration form you are actually registering your vehicle to the government that is why on your registration document like mine. You will notice that you are named as the keeper not the owner of the car, this means the so called government corporations, can tow away your car for many reasons, as it was never yours to begin with after you filled in the registration form.

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8. If you are not aware of these things, then it is easy to get into a corrupted mindset bubble and think in a certain way.

9. You may think that if you buy an online product that says you can make money that the money should come automatically.

10. You may think because it is an internet business and you have seen a video sales page saying it is easy to make money online. You perhaps believe it is.

11. Maybe because you do not get a big payout from your new online business in one month 3 months or 6 months you think it doesn’t work or it is a scam because your brother in law who works for the council tells you it is.

12. Something else that tends to happen is because you have no boss you may not sit and work from 9 to 5 at your online business because there is no boss to fire you. So you quit before you get successful or you do not do the work that is required.

13. When running an online business, there are various steps and things you often need to do to make money online, and even if you are working hard if a few of these steps might not be being done. You could end up making no money get bored eventually and quit believing it does not work.

14.You could write lots of great content and not send anyone to an opt in page to build a list of clients or subscribers.

15. You could maybe not add a call to action at the end of your content with a buy button or join my business opportunity button at the end.

16. Because you have been programmed to be an employee, you might be scared to sell anything?


In fact there are so many other reasons that a large amount of people online fail.



Here are some of the things you can do to ensure you do not fail online.


1. Do not have a plan B (Yes, sometimes you need to burn your bridges because when you leave them open you will keep going back to them)

2. Decide to be unstoppable promise yourself you will never quit until you reach your goals to success.

3. Make sure you have a strong reason why you need to be successful and to really want it.

4. Realise this journey could (Not Will) but could take ten years before you will become truly successful so take it a day at a time step by step getting better and learning new stuff every day.

5. Find someone who is successful and do what they do, otherwise you may not become as successful as them after you are creating the success you want. It will always be possible to make a few tweaks to suit you.

6. Don’t be cheap and try and do everything for free otherwise you will attract other cheap people into your organization and end up broke, like the group of people you surround yourselves with.

7. Remember if the three people you hang around with the most is broke? Then you probably are too normally the three people that someone spends the most time with has an income which averages the three people they hang around with.

8. So if you want to be more successful online find other successful online marketers and hang around with them more than your brother in law who works for the council. :-)


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Why 90% Of People Go Back To Their 9 To 5 And Why