Are You Playing The Victim?

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Are You Playing The Victim?

A number of Years  ago I came across a few challenges in my life, the death  of a very close relative in fact two relatives within a month of each other. Being betrayed by someone close to me and deciding to give up a family home.  All this stuff happened within a few months of each other I was definetely, feeling like I was at one of the lowest points in my life at the time.   I remember and actually  I am not an insomniac or never have been, but I remember staying up two days in a row walking around the 26 foot long pond that I created in my back garden  practically all night in circles. My brain was racing I was trying to figure out how or why these things,were happening to me but it didn’t help.

The thing about being in shock after a death and all the other things was the last thing I could think of mentally was marketing or selling stuff online, my mindset was completely messed up in fact I was feeling sorry for myself. I thought about what it would be like to not be here anymore, but then I couldn’t imagine my young sons being left without a father. So even if I was feeling at the end of a cliff I wasn’t going to jump off it no matter what.  I decided I needed to get myself together I went onto Facebook and messaged a friend who was an Internet Marketer and told him what was happening.  I knew at the time he made a lot of money online and I knew he had lots of products and services. So I asked him what seemed at the time to be a simple question.  I asked him do you have any products that sell really well that I could join as an affiliate to sell.   As I figured after a lean 4 months of income, this would help turn things around for me.

I got my answer

You are being a victim! Things are going to keep on getting worse because you are being a victim. 

Making a few dollars right now is not what you need.

You need to change your mindset and STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM!!

Make a list of 100 Businesses to make money online 

Narrow the hundred businesses down to three good ones

Take the best one and get started on it right away. 

Write Down 100 Things Your Are Grateful For 

Write down 100 Reasons Why You Have TO Make More Money.

Write Down 100 Things You Love About Yourself.


And your life will change.

I took his advice and slowly but surely things started to get better as  soon as I decided to let go of being a victim.  There was no other way to go but forward.

In the last couple of weeks  I have had at least three people come to me with exactly that same victim mentality though I don’t think the problems they are having right then where anything like the ones I had at the time.


But the truth is that

Everyone is looking for the magic fix. 

We are all used to getting fast food

Curry In  A Hurry

Mcdonalds (Mcpoison I call It)

KFC (Used to be called Kentucky Fried Chicken but they aren’t allowed to call it that any more because the animals are genetically modified).

Next Day Delivery


When it comes to health,wellness,happiness,fitness and money everyone wants it instantly.

Most instant methods do not last long or cause very bad even deadly side effects.


I offered someone a business opportunity that works, but instead of paying $80 a month to start a business that can make them Hundreds of thousands of dollars they want to do something that is Free. And they also want me to spend hours of my time coaching them how to do it. For Free.

I have had other people in the past who I coached the same Free methods of generating some money to pay for their online business. Instead of buying the products they needed for the online business they never bothered.

Other people quit the business or stopped paying long before contacting me and then think the solution is a loan from me to buy paid advertising.

I was told by another person, I have gone to so many seminars about success and making money and it doesn’t work for me.

When I questioned what they had done today or this week to make money online they replied nothing.


Would you not agree that complaining about not making any money and doing nothing about it is being a victim?

I certainly would.

In the past I spent my time teaching someone how to make money using a free method.  Even though I did it completely free.  They started messaging me with the most dumb questions like I was some kind of free babysitter.

The joke was when they did made money they didn’t actually buy the business they were, supposed to be trying to afford.


I am really sorry to say this, but a large majority of people who do stuff like this are broke because they are victims!!

Here are some of the big things that keep people  being a victim.


1. An entitlement mentality – Thinking that they are entitled to something, the world owes them a living benefits and whatever else they can scrounge for Free

2. Wanting everything for Free – When you end up with a group of followers who also likes everything for free?  Do you think you might still be broke?  So the solution is if you don’t then stop looking for free stuff..

3. Learning Without Action- This is huge there are lots of seminar junkies who never action anything. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to seminars and learning, but I remember one time I went to two seminars in a row. And I felt so guilty because I had no computer with me and didn’t get the time to take action for 10 days while I was away.

4. Trying to be cheap- Buying the lowest cost products, trainings, coaching and thinking you are saving money?  It is costing you my friend and attracting broke mindset people to your team.

5. Not figuring out what you need to do to make money – There are so many busy people, they will tell you I have been busy working on my business all week. The fact is in online marketing there are money making activities, and time wasting activities most broke people get them mixed up.


Making money equals finding a good business opportunity, system or product that sells.

Finding a target market, delivering value to that market and then upselling them your business opportunity ,product or system.

I see so many people spending weeks messing around on a website in case a word or letter or picture is in the wrong place.

When they should be out posting their content in as many places as possible instead.


Let me say something to you if you really want to be successful and get me to really be able to help you.

Listen to the business  I tell you to join it has made money and can make you money but only if you are willing to listen.


Once you go through are training videos and understand the concepts, then you need to be willing to invest in the things you need to make money in your business. Or at least at the very minimum give yourself a target time to aquire them.


Unfortunately if choose not to do this then you are probably going to spend the next 5 or 10 years chasing the Guru’s looking for the secret.

Until you finally figure out what I just told you.  I have seen a few people do this so you can do it faster or do it slow the choice is entirely up to you.


There is unlimited amounts of money out there if you have a system service or products to get you it.  But we all only have so much time so decide which is more valuable to you as you will have to live with it.



If after reading this post you realise you are not a victim

Then feel free to click on this link 

Or the button below

To Get Access to the system I used to generate over $40k In Commissions

Please Note Not Everyone Will Get The Results I Get As Not Everyone Will Do The Work I Do To Achieve This Result

See Our Income Disclaimer Here

What Are People Saying About This System 



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Are You Playing The Victim?

Who Are The Successful People In Empower Network

Who Are The Successful People In Empower Network

Today I want to talk about who are the successful people in Empower Network. Now before I get started I am not going to mention everyone who is or was successful. What I do want to talk about and what will be the most beneficial thing to you is if I talk about the reasons why people achieve great success and others don’t.

Let me just say before I go  any further,  I am very grateful to Dave Wood And Dave Sharpe for the system they have given us and all the information trainings and heart that they  put into this business.  For me to be able to earn the money I have and also members on my team to be able to make money after losing money using many other products and systems before .Me and I am sure thousands of other people will be eternally grateful to the two Dave’s.


I, along with a small percentage of others know about the journey of Empower Network and how and why it got to be what it is today..

It all started off with a small room of people who followed Dave And Daves dream to be able to setup a online business where people could run a business and be able to have a life at the same time.  A business where the affiliates could get 100% of the commissions and do not make silly 1% 3% or 10 Per cent commissions like the way Amazon pays it’s affiliates.

I did not know about Empower Network at the very beginning as I had not joined then, but I have heard a few of the leaders tell their story.  The one thing all these people had in common was they believed in David Wood And David Sharpe and Empower Network.  When EN had just started  Paypal Shut Down Their account,  Yes they basically shut EN down, no way to make payments was like putting a grocery shop out of business. Sorry, you can’t use cash or credit cards anymore.

Even though many of the leaders were getting no money,  Yes, there was no way to take payments, but the leaders kept on enrolling new members they kept on marketing, such was their belief in their  Founders business and the dream. That even after something like 8 weeks with no money they were still running the business.   The funny thing is when Dave And Dave actually started the business and signed up the first members by arranging a meeting there was not even a website.

Eventually they got another payment processor and after a lot of hiccups took Empower Network to a 200,000 Plus Member Signups.

This was the old sales video I watched when  I first joined Empower Network..



Click Here To Join Now


Yes the video was on one my mentors blog posts, I clicked on the capture page I entered my email watched this video and decided to join, it just made sense.

For a few months I messed around as I had another 650 websites at the time running and managing them didn’t leave me a lot of time to market my EN Business.
I think I signed up about three members I was making about $75 a month and then one day I saw a picture of my mentor on Facebook holding a $27,000 Empower Network Cheque.

It was at this stage I figured out I needed to do exactly what he was doing if I wanted to achieve these type of results in the business.

I was told the most important thing was to GO ALL IN and buy all the products..

So I made the decision to buy all the products in the next two weeks and  even though I didn’t think I had the money to do it at the time. As if by magic the money appeared in the bank.

And within two weeks I had purchased all the products..

Once I had purchased all the products I now realised instead of making $25 Commissions I could Make 100$ ,$500 And $1000 Commissions as well.

Talk about excited I remember one of my first $1000 commissions came one night when I was walking along the beach with my kids and I came home to this email


Congratulations Sotiris!

You just referred the following person to The $15K Per Month Formula:

Name: Raymond Mullins,

You should take a moment, and welcome your new member.

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos,

Passing up sales is the most badass part of Empower Network.


He he he…

because if you do what’s in video #9 in the 15k Formula, eventually you’ll reach a point (like I have) where you receive three to ten times the passups, that you pass up.

Read that twice.

(it gets pretty ridiculous)

In other words – by passing up a sale, you’ve just proven that you can get passups, unlimited levels down, through an army of thousands of people earning $1,000 daily.

It works.

YOU are a badass.

Let’s rock this – the next $1,000 commission goes to you.

Here’s your link to share to get more sales, daily: Your site is:

  • Share that link now, and we’ll help you make more money, than you’ve ever made in your life.

Keep up the GREAT work!

-David Wood “The Guru Slayer”

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Empower Network is dedicated to customer support, and solving your problems. If you experience any technical issues with our system, compensation plan, or have a billing question – please put in a support ticket here:


Emails like this kept coming I got $1000 commissions from people I never met in Australia while I slept.

$3000 Commissions from People all around the world including A Fireman in New Jersey I never met before.

What was the one thing that seperated me from a lot of other people .

I believed in this 1000% the way I still do till this day..

Many people joined and had doubts put little or no effort didn’t buy all the trainings or products.

In fact, I saw lots of whiners floating around forums moaning, I joined EN never made any money that is a scam and all that crap.

Unfortunately, I never saw one person whining who went  all in had the belief and took the actions went to all the live events.


The fact is if you don’t believe it works or have any doubts, don’t join because your negative thoughts will attract failure to you for sure..

Tracey Walker In The Video Above Showing 50,000 Earnings in the Video above has got her Million Dollar Ring

Lawrence Tam  – Million Dollar ring

Aaron Rashin Million Dollar Ring  And Many Many More who had the beliefs did what they where told and attended the events are now Million Dollar ring earners, yes they made over a million dollars in commissions.

In total there are over  over 14 Million Dollar Earners so far.

They have paid over 160,000,000 Dollars to affiliates in commissions in three years in the next three years the target is to pay out

1 Billion Dollars in Affiliate Commissions

Question Is Are You Gonna Be One Of The Whiners Or Believers?


I want to be honest with you there are so many people who have joined this business and quit without doing a damn thing.

Not Even Their First Blogpost.

There Were A Few Who Worked For A Couple Of Weeks Got A Few Signups And Quit Because They Where Lazy Or Uncommitted.

There were people who where so busy whining and complaining they never had the time to do any marketing.. 

There Were Other People Who Didn’t Commit Fast Enough To Get All In And Lost $6000 Dollars in Commissions In A couple of days .

There Were People Who Left And Came Back After Realising there is nothing else like this business or community anywhere in the world..

There Is Nowhere else where you will get all these world class trainings and access to such a likeminded community of Entrepreneurs..


It makes me feel so bad when I think of the possibility people have with this business and they just don’t do it..

1. Giving up on their freedom to work a shitty job.

2. Giving up on their life to some other person who pays them to make his business dreams come true.

3. To take orders day to day and be sold on an hourly basis without the Freedom to do what you want when you want with who you want.

4. Be told when to go to the toilet

5. Be told when they can go on holiday

6. And worst of all this is what you are worth $$$$$ Per Hour


Quitting on this business is not something that ever occurred to me as in my eyes these people are fucking insane….. 

But this might not be for you ?

You could be lazy ?

You Might Like Being Told What To Do?

Maybe you are brainwashed to look for a job, who knows?


You can make money or Excuses, but you cannot make both..  


So are you going to leave this page and go back to doing what you did before and hope for something to change?


Einstein Called It Insanity Doing The Same Thing Over And Over Again And Expecting A Different Result

Maybe you think it is normality?


Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for my income  I do not do normal…

I do not want average results my family and I deserve better what about you?


Right Now Empower Network Is In The Middle Of A Relaunch..

In the next few weeks there is going to be a new Empower Network WP blog platform launched called Kalatu.

Recently commissions where changed to 70% to allow for massive changes on the blog including 5 New Languages and multi lingual marketing apps for Empower Network.

This Is Your Big Chance To Be Part Of A Billion Dollar Company


There are three things you need to have at the same time  to be successful.


1. Opportunity – The Right Business At The Right Time 

2. Preparation – Being ready 


3. Take Action – Do what you need to do right now


We also can offer you the latest developed,Digital Marketing Franchise System To Help You To Market Your Empower Network Business.


What Are People Saying About This System 



My Results Are Not Typical

Click Here To See  The Company Average Income Disclaimer

But Here Is A Screenshot Below From My Backoffice In This System





Click Here To Get Access To The Latest And Best EN Marketing System For $7 




Who Are The Successful People In Empower Network

Is Your Business Ready For 2015?

Is Your Business Ready For 2015?

Doesn’t time fly.  I do not know about you but for me time seems to be going faster in fact, just last week I had a car problem and being a bit of a hoarder as I am.  I had three cars 2 in the garage so I decided to take one out the crazy thing was I realised I hadn’t driven the car for about 7 or 8 years..

When I got the car I spent about £1200 pounds on an anti hijacking car alarm system with a lot of bells and whistles.  Including Autostart and lots of other features that 8 years ago seemed quite modern. :-)   I had a friend who fitted it and went round to their house to see if they would remove it from the car, but when I got there the house was empty. I popped a card through his door and as I went to drive away a car pulled up in the driveway and a man got out.  I asked the man does my friend Gary ______  live here.  He replied I have been living here about 7 years I think he used to live here.

Hmm, well have  you ever watched one of those movies where you see some time traveller  arrive in a different century .  And wonder what was going on?   That kinda explains the way I felt, it seemed like a few months or years  ago that I got my car alarm  installed and it was 7 or 8 years. Scary where the time goes too.

Well, today I can imagine there are a lot of people still operating their business the way they did the last decade or even maybe 50 years ago.  The thing is that business and technology is moving so fast now that if you do not catch up on some of it there is a big danger of your business becoming obsolete..  A dinosaur from another decade or century and unfortunately extinction is not good for business.

Today there are multiple opportunities for getting new clients and customers or finding buyers for your products but the most powerful medium for many businesses is now online.   Yes of course word of mouth is good but if everyone is online talking about their next purchase on Facebook. Then sitting looking out a shop window from a half empty high street is not necessarily where you need to be. If you want your business to survive into the next decade.

So you have a few choices

1. Is retire and say I am too old I don’t care anymore and try and sell the business? Which may not be as profitable as it used to be.

2. Pay someone a fortune to create online advertising mediums to get you noticed more online.

3. Set up your own online presence get a blog or website and figure out over the next few months or years how to do it all yourself creating the blog, how to market on social media and all the info overload that comes with it maybe paying tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

4. You can join our team get your own blog or website for your business and get access to trainings that will help you put your business or businesses all over Social Media, Google,Bing,Facebook,Pinterest,You Tube, and other websites in fact you can started with us with your own Blog/website ready made for $25


Click Here To Order Your Website


I personally know which one I would choose if I was starting my  Business from scratch all over again.

The other great thing is we are consistently updating our marketing methods and trainings, as things change online very quickly so you can be sure you are getting the latest information, and not something that worked 5 or 10 years ago or even A year ago.

If you want to find out more about the system we use results and our trainings watch the video below and then click the link to register for our 7 day trial for $1


What are other people saying?



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Is Your Business Ready For 2015?

How To Schedule Your You Tube Videos

How To Schedule Your You Tube Videos

Sometimes you might be going away on your holidays? Other times you may be on a roll and make loads of videos in the one day.

Instead of overloading your You Tube video channel with a lot of videos in one go. Wouldn’t it be much better to set up your videos so one or two of them get uploaded on a daily basis at a specific date and time?

In this video I will be showing you how :-)


Here is the business which has made me well over $40,000 in commissions So Far


Not everyone will do the work I do and achieve the same results for more information

See The Income Disclaimer Here

Find out what are other people saying about it! Watch The Video Below?



Click Here To Join For $7

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How To Schedule Your You Tube Videos

Fiverr Outsourcing Tips

Fiverr Outsourcing Tips

There are a few people that overlook Fiverr for either making an extra income or even getting work done using Fiverr Services.  The truth of the matter is that there are lots of top professionals working on Fiverr.  And yes there are some clueless amateurs too.


With a little bit of common sense it is not difficult too be able to separate the amateurs from the professionals.  Quite often just a quick look through their testimonials will answer most of your questions.

People can not consistently deliver poor quality work and get great testimonials, one thing you can do is check the testimonials anyone who has been on Fiverr for a while and has lots of positive testimonials, will surely be likely to give you a great service.

And in the unlikely event that they do not. You have two choices you can ask them to rectify it until it meets your standards.  The worst case scenario is you lose a Fiver give them a bad rating for not delivering good work . And learn from experience not to use that provider again.

Though I have too say so far, most of my experiences on Fiverr Have been positive. A lot of people don’t consider using Fiverr to generate an income because they think a Fiver is not worth their time.  The great thing about Fiverr is that once you have a certain amount of sales and happy customers under your belt.

You get moved to higher levels the first level is called Level 1 Seller, Then Level 2 Seller and then If your Gigs and ratings are amazing you will get handpicked by Fiverr as a Top Seller.  Everytime you reach one of these income Levels your opportunity to make more money per sale increases as you rise through the levels.

As A Top Seller you can add up to four extras to your gig and for each extra you can actually charge up to $100 Each so technically that means from one Fiverr Gig you could make up to $400.  Of course the Gig You are selling should be worth the $400 or above what you are charging if you are going to get regular orders for it.

I was browsing through Fiverr yesterday and noticed how creative some of the new Gigs are in fact I would say to you whether you are a buyer or a seller. Someone wanting to get a job done for one of your clients.  Or just a funny song sang for one of your friends birthdays. Or looking to make some money from home via the internet without any other expenses.  Then I would definetely say if you are not already there. Then Fiverr is surely worth a visit even my 9 year old son makes money on Fiverr.  So why shouldn’t you make some money using Fiverr too?

Getting registered is quite simple you just fill out a form add a picture and you are done. The only other thing you require is a Paypal account to pay for Gigs. Or to get paid for your Gigs and you are all set, and ready to go.

If you enjoyed this article please feel free to share or tweet it to your friends :-)

IPAS Business System


Fiverr Outsourcing Tips

How To Get More Subscribers Using Podcasting

How To Get More Subscribers Using Podcasting

Have you ever looked at podcasting for building a team of subscribers and targeted sellers before, Now with all the different ways to do your podcasts and access to all the tools you need at your fingertips.   It is definitely something you should not ignore.

If you haven’t ever looked into this then think about it another way? Imagine having your own online radio show and you can open it whenever you like, yes whenever you are ready no 6am start scheduled.   And that radio show could get you lots of subscribers and sales to your books, products and or services.

If you haven’t thought about this you need to watch the videos below to get more info ..

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 16.30.28

Click Here To Find Out More Or Get Audello Now.


How To Get More Subscribers Using Podcasting

Are You Ready To Change Your Life Yet With The New Kalatu Blogging System ..

Are You Ready To Change Your Life Yet With The New Kalatu Blogging System..

I just had the most incredible two days, I am absolutely blown away with what is happening and the opportunity that we have been given to become Million Dollar Earners. It is not a question any more of if..  It is a question of when we  will be putting on those million dollar rings.

The first thing you need to do is just join this business, yes you can join a business for $25 dollars that can change the life of your team, your friends your family. People you have never met at the other side of the world and having the power to transform their lives and get paid very well for it..

 Chris Jones – IPAS  Creator Gets His Million Dollar Ring On Stage 

John Mroz get’s his Million Dollar Ring


There are some core steps you need to do, I am going to be sending out my personal new members from now on a video series telling you exactly what you need to do.  To start creating a life changing  income online. See our income disclaimer ..  I just witnessed a room of people and 25% of them have all made over 10,000 up to 5,000,0000 Dollars in their  business.

Our New ENV3 Blogging platform is going to be rolling out over the next few weeks and peoples lives are going to be changing.  I am not going to tell you why believe me I am blown away by all the multiple reasons why..

Kalatu Blog Review

Aaron Raskin – Puts on his new Million Dollar Ring..

Here is a little secret I am going to let you into, their are two ways to run this business.  One way is for me to hold your hand like I used to do.

The great thing is with our new systems like IPAS and the new Kalatu Blogging Package    This is no longer necessary all the steps and trainings are in place.- The options are blog daily make money or use the paid traffic in IPAS

The Good news is when you Join Empower Network Or IPAS through me I will be providing you with A 12 Day Lifechanging video series.

If you do also want direct access to me and want to join my leadership hangouts and webinars  then you need to Get All In.


Top Blogging Tip

For every 10 blog posts you write on your blog. You should be writing 1 on Someone else’s blog. (Guest blog) Chris Record


Are You Ready To Change Your Life Yet The New Kalatu Blogging System


7 Things You Should Have On Your Blog

7 Things You Should Have On Your Blog

When it comes to marketing online and blogging there are so many things to learn.  Understanding everything could take many years in fact if you are starting from scratch.  In todays post I would like to give you some things that I have found really useful on my Blogs or Websites and hope that you will find them really useful like I did.

If you have been blogging for a while you will probably be using some or all of these things but if you are a complete newbie you will definetely find them useful to have on your blog or website ..  :-)


1. A contact me page – When people come and visit your website it is very important that you give them a way to contact you of course you could add your Telephone Number or Skype or even your Facebook ,Social Media links etc..  The great thing though it gives people the opportunity to contact you very easily. Here is the Free Software I use for my Contact Me Page  I highly recommend you set one up too.


2. A Visitors Widget – Having a visitors widget gives you the opportunity to see the last ten visitors to your website and also to be able to see what time and country they visited from.  Apart from looking quite cool on the sidebar of your website it can also give you and your visitors an idea of how much traffic you are getting and where they come from and the best part is it is also completely Free.   Click Here To Get The Visitors Widget For Your Blog Or Website.


3. A Popup To Catch Visitors Email Addresses – If you are not building an email list from visitors who visit your blog then you are giving yourself a lot of extra work and costing yourself money at the same time.  You should be able to get anywhere between 3 To 60% of visitors who visit your blog on your email list, that means instead of waiting for someone to find you?  You can send an email out to thousands of subscribers at once, and send them back to your blog or products that you are selling at the push of a button.  In fact not building an email list, is one of the biggest mistakes newbies make when starting an online business. Here is the Popup Software I Use And Also the Autoresponder I use to build my lists.


4. Get A Shopping Cart- If you are going to be selling your own business online, products or services or wanting to manage affiliates then it is a very good idea to get a shopping cart that can manage your business.  You can set your own affilliate payments or percentage payments track any sales or subscribers that  affiliates send to your blogs or sites.  And also manage customers, subscribers and your product database in  whichever currency that you choose.Plus also manage digital delivery and coupon discount codes and upsells.  Click here To Get Access To The Shopping Cart I Use


5. An Amazon Shopping Page – The great thing about an Amazon shopping page is it is 100% FREE to setup and you can make money selling things from your website without having to carry any stock or inventory.  And you won’t even have to deal with the customers,  you can see an example of one of mine here. If you would like to know how to set this up I have created a Free Webinar showing you exactly how to do it..  Register here To Watch The Webinar


6. A Good WordPress Theme – You may not realise it but the theme you have on your blog can impact your SEO.  Negatively or positively in fact on a few occassions I tested changing themes on a few websites I have with some Free WP themes and the decline in traffic was tremendous. Sometimes people starting out online want to save money and that is understandable but reducing your traffic by 900% by using a Free WP theme is not the answer.  This is the theme I use on the majority of my websites for SEO purposes and also because it offers some cool things like revolving  728×90 banners plus social media follow me buttons amongst lots of other things. In fact you can try the theme for Free and see for yourself ..  And feel free to post some feedback in the comments of your results.


7. Your Own Video Hosting –  If you have any interest whatsoever in running a serious online business then you do not want to host your videos on a Free video service.  By all means you can use You Tube Facebook ,Vimeo and a load of other free options for hosting your videos but unless you post your main content on your own video hosting then you risk losing your whole business and possibly many years work for the sake of saving a couple of hundred dollars.   Which is really not a smart move in my opinion , in fact I had one member of my team message me yesterday to tell me that he had his You Tube account deleted.  Yes indeed a years hard work gone at the stroke of a button.   I am making a video about the advice I gave him you will be able to click here to see it..  You can save yourself a lot of hassle time and loss of money in the future by getting yourself this software and being able to host on your own paid hosting account which costs pennies per month


7 Things You Should Have On Your Blog


Inspirational Power – Jane Mcgonigal,TED Talks – Finding Strength in Unexpected Places

Inspirational Power – Jane Mcgonigal,TED Talks – Finding Strength in Unexpected Places



Inspirational Power – Jane Mcgonigal,TED Talks – Finding Strength in Unexpected Places

What Is Attention Seekers Disorder (And what are the symptoms and cures)

What Is Attention Seekers Disorder (And what are the symptoms and cures)

Well maybe this is the first time you have heard of it?  But it definetely exists in this post I will go into more detail about it the effects it can have on your life and relationships and how you can cure it. If you decide of course as with any sickness, illness or disorder the first thing is you need to acknowledge the issue that you are having first.  (Very Important) I am sure this particular problem has a very significant amount of victims and I do stress the word (victims)

Yes when it comes to victims there is a very small amount of them who just happen to be unfortunate and end up in the wrong place at the wrong time or just make a stupid mistake.  The thing is the world is full of victims yes and the truth of the matter is a huge percentage of these victims are victims by choice.  Not just by accident.

There are lots of universal laws that apply in the universe kind of like Einsteins theory of relativity.  For something to go up then something has to come down. If someone is happy there will be someone who is sad.  Let me start by telling you a short story about a friend of mine I met a number of years ago we bought houses beside each other and became neighbours.  It turned out we had a lot of things in common and we got to be friends.

Among all our huge similarities strangely enough We both ended up getting married to Eastern European women in fact within just a few years of each other. A few years later we went to an Auction in Mallusk and saw some properties for sale in Eastern Germany and decided before we bought any we should go and look at the location and the conditions of the properties.

The funny thing was both of our wives had absolutely no interest whatsoever in property investing but of course when my friends wife heard he was going with me she suddenly decided to take an interest in it?  Or maybe it was just for the Vacation to Germany or what she thought was going to be a vacation.  Me and my friend got a list of all the German properties for sale at the auction and made a list of locations and drew out maps with what routes we should take and what directions we needed to drive in.

I remember the first day of the trip we hired a car and I offered to sit in the back as I was not driving and I was also being polite. ;-)  But my friend and his wife both said no you sit in the front.  It also made a bit of sense me sitting in the front as I was doing the navigating and calling out the properties we had to see.  Either way sitting in the back would not have bothered me in the slightest.

The second day we left the hotel and I could tell by the way she was looking she was ready to take a mental fit I could feel it in the air. As soon as she got in the car she says I want to sit in the front kind of the way a two year old child would behave if you took their sweeties off them.  She purposely said it was cold and put the heating up full blast until there was hardly any air to breathe in the car..  Yeah she was taking control???

As I couldn’t  breathe I opened the window a bit to let some oxygen in as her control fit and rage was growing in the front..  The fact of the matter was that me and my friend got on very well, so it was easy to tell she was trying to draw attention to herself with some added Ego to try and make herself look important.  Throughout the next couple of days I noticed the way she was behaving and realised she was suffering from Attention Seeking Disorder.

What is attention seeking disorder well my definition is when you feel so insignificant that you have to create a scene to get people to notice or listen to you.  Unfortunately when your life gets so sad you need to do this then you have created a true victim mentality.  When people are in victim mode they come up with problems most of the time they are completely made up created purely to compliment the feeling of being a victim..

Yes I am a victim no one notices me, lets start shouting and whining so I can feel significant again..  Unfortunately having a victim mentality like this stifles success and many other things in your life, and the negativity of it comes back round 360 degrees. And in many cases comes  back 1000 per cent stronger if you cannot see or choose to ignore the fact that you are doing it.  Yes in my Internet marketing business I have also come across a few victims as well they always have a problem.  And hey you guessed it normally that problem is themselves.

I don’t know many victims that have a successful relationship or business. Especially in the midst of the moments when they are playing the victim.  What about you? Yes with a victim the glass is normally half empty, they need someone to blame for the problems they create in their own life on that long journey towards getting the attention they want..   Unfortunately with Attention Seekers Disorder this tends to get them the wrong type of attention..   And this in turn causes another problem or complaint. For that nasty victim (Ego) voice which is sitting on their shoulder lining up the next complaint or problem..  (hey once a victim alway’s a victim)  Until they decide differently of course it is a choice.

The thing victims need more than anything is personal development and to accept their disease(Made up Disease created in their heads)  Once this happens they can start learning to behave differently.  Unfortunately like Zig Ziglar said the people who are the problem are normally the last person to realise they are the problem.  Yes, that is Attention Seekers Disorder in full swing. Quite a few years later some events happened which i will not go into here.   But the bottom line is due to a tragedy that was in my mind created about 70% by a fucked up Ego and really stupid choices  (Yes I would be a liar if I said I don’t put any of the blame on them)  She didn’t like some advice I gave my friend in fact the advice  I gave my friend two or three times could have been lifesaving but was not allowed to be.Once again due to ego and this person. I do not blame my friend he did the best he could under the circumstances.   Due to the person he was married too who left him no other choice.

In fact she rediculed me on her blog for giving some lifesaving advice and doesn’t want my friend to even communicate with me because she didn’t like it.  In fact I would go so far as to say she is probably threatening him to not communicate with me (Sad but true). This my friends, is Attention Seekers Disorder out of control and will bring her nothing but misery,Also to anyone else who comes into contact with it she is always fighting blaming somebody for her issues. (She should have a hand grenade button for her Facebook friends lol)   This of course is one of the worst lets call it ASD cases I have seen.  But it was quite funny I was invited out today to visit some friends.   And the husband brought us out in the garden and put on some nice music. Within two minutes of him putting it on his wife came over and starting ordering him to turn it down.

This wasn’t about being allergic to music or it being too loud this was about getting attention and looking (and feeling important)  by disturbing someone or giving orders.  After wards I laughed and said to him I gave up on music years ago my wife used to do exactly the same thing. It got to the stage where I don’t even have a stereo in the living  room even if music was always such a favourite relaxation and huge part of my life.    It wasn’t about turning the music down really?  It was about the music being more important than her victim mentality.  In fact looking back that has completely changed the person I am I am not true to myself anymore doing what I like.   (Which is pretty fucked up)  Do you get get married someone to mould them into something they weren’t meant to be?

He said to me afterwards there is a gameshow I love on TV for three hours my wife  had no interest in the TV but 5 mins before it started she decided she needed to watch the TV and told me to record it and watch it later.  Once again this kind of thing is more about Attention Seekers Disorder than anything else..Oh yes I am more important than anything else including your happiness??  Hmm what a not so great way to get a happy healthy relationship, built 100% on petty drama.

If you want more attention from your wife or husband give them more attention.   If you want them to be more spontaneous tell them or drop a hint and be spontaneous.  If you want a footspa and massage afterwards give them a massage.  Don’t be a miserable Attention Seeking Disorder victim who goes round fucking up peoples lives ( Which in turn fucks up your own life) Let people be who they are and stop being a victim..  You do not need to be a victim to have a life.And  then you can start living a real life instead of a sad low miserable existance..


What Is Attention Seekers Disorder (And what are the symptoms and cures)