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Why Better Capture Pages Increase Your Online Income

Why Better Capture Pages Increase Your Online Income

You need to ask yourself some questions if you are really serious about making money online .  There are a lot of people who are not and a big question is what will seperate you from them?

You need to ask yourself some questions to work that out and look at yourself and your business like an outsider would.

One of the things are there are a lot of companies these companies and business opportunities in many cases have exactly the same duplicated capture pages or even just duplicated websites.

The only problem with this is that once someone has opted into or visited a company website once or twice the chances are they won’t do it again. So if the business opportunity or website is brand new that is fine.  On the  other hand if it has been around for some time .

Then people will not want to register/optin a second or third time in most cases. Unfortunately this is bad news for you if you are trying to build a list or get some new business.

The  good news is that in this day and age you do not need to use the companies capture page or even their website in some cases.  There are lots of different tools and trainings out there to help you.

The bad news is not all of them are easy to use or simple to understand. So this can be another minefield for you to cross in your online business. Yes it can be hard or you can join me and learn the simple way to do it.


The secret of  creating a successful capture page is a balance of a few different things

1. It has to be something that people are interested in or want to know more about.

2. They need to be curious, curiosity will get you lots of subscribers if you do it the right way.

3. A good headline – This is very important you need the words to stand out and speak to them if you want the maximum amount of clicks on your capture page or options if what your headline says does not interest them they will visit someone else’s instead..

4. You can offer something for Free that they cannot get any where else.

5. It could be unique?  If your offer is unique and your capture page is unique and offers something different from everyone else. That could be enough to drive people over the edge and give you their email address.


The secrets of making more money from your capture pages

If you want to make more money from your capture pages and increase your overall sales in your business, short or long term then your conversion rate is very important.

What is my conversion rate?

Well if you send 100 visitors to your website and 5 of them give you their email address- \opt in to your capture page  then you have a 5% conversion rate.

If 20 people out of the 100 give you their email address then you have a 20% conversion rate.  The more targeted subscribers you get on your email list the more people will buy from you over a period of time.

One of the great things about the capture page software that I use is that you can see exactly what your conversion rate is for each capture page..

So you know if it is good or if it really sucks, obviously if it is no good after sending a few hundred people to your site you want to change it, and increase the amount of people who opt in.


You can also do split tests  easily using the software for example do two capture pages the same and just change the headline, or else you can split test two totally different capture pages. Whichever you prefer.



Why Better Capture Pages Increase Your Online Income

Copyscape Madness Or A SEO Necessity

Copyscape Madness Or A SEO Necessity

Well of course that all depends on your online marketing strategy. If you are using social media and paid advertising and your goal is to build your business like this then it is not completely necessary.

The other case where you will not need to worry as much is if you are a video blogger I.E.  All of your blog posts are just videos and very little written content. Then it will really not matter that much about SEO or your content being 100% original.

On the other hand, if you do create written content. Articles which are 500 words or more long or you are paying someone to create content like this then you may as well be getting the extra bang for your buck and enjoy some traffic from SEO for free.  Sometimes even article writers who are trying to do their best on your article and keep it unique. Can easily copy a line of text about a place product or service and not realize that in the process your original article now shows up as duplicate content on the web.

Once this happens it means your article may well dissapear off the search engine, and the same could happen to your website as well.  How can you stop  this happening ?  Well a little bit of extra effort is involved but if you are going to be relying on SEO for your traffic.  Chances are it could be worth the extra hassle.

What you want to do is go to you can start with a free account which will allow you to check your website or posts for duplicate content. There are a couple of ways in which you can do this. Firstly you can add the url to copyscape and you will see if any duplicate content shows up on other websites.  For your content this will of course mean one of two things either your article is not original or there is some duplicate (Copied Content) in it.

Or else the other possibility is that someone could have copied from your website. It would certainly not be one of the first times I have seen this happen. And I am pretty sure it will not be the last either unfortunately.. The other thing you can do but you need a paid or premium account to do this is. Copy and paste a whole article or bits of a website and paste it into the copyscape search bar.  That will also tell you if anyone has duplicate content to what is on your blog or website.

It is not that difficult, it just takes up a bit of extra time to go through the process and a few extra dollars as well if you want to register for the premium copyscape account. But in the long term you could just find that it is well worth that extra effort.

I hope you found this article useful and I will see you shortly again. If you haven’t already feel free to register for my 101 blogging tips by entering your email address in the subscription box in the top right hand side of this page. :-)




Copyscape Madness Or A SEO Necessity

Never put all your Eggs In One Basket (Internet Marketing 202)

Never put all your Eggs In One Basket (Internet Marketing 202)

If you have been marketing online for a while, you will probably already know this very well. If you haven’t, then this is a valuable lesson that could save you lots of money and heartache in the future.  When people start marketing online if they have little or no experience, many times they will look for the cheapest way to do things to save money.

Thinking that when they make lots of money, then they will be in a position to buy all the things that they need.  The truth is that this is not really a good idea at all.  Most cheap or Free products come with a different price. I have lost a lot of income in the past by having too many eggs in one basket so I tend to move things around a little that way it keeps things much safer even if it costs a lot more money.

Get latest updates

I do not have to worry about my business disappearing overnight. Even with years of experience in the business things will happen unexpectedly the question is?  Are you prepared for them when they do. Or are you penny pinching and could you be left broke because of this habit. That is the million dollar question..

About three months ago I bought an Autoresponder it was from an Internet Marketer who is pretty well known in his field.  When I logged into the backoffice it seemed really good well designed. And also allowed you an Email import facility which I thought would be useful to backup emails from my other autoresponders.

As one of my upline told me on a webinar about three people on our team getting their aweber accounts shut down.  So I thought a back up was an essential when I heard that..   Just in case now the funny thing was because I liked the useability of the new system.

I started using it to send out emails to my team members,  then suddenly I realised it wasn’t sending the email it was going to wait for permission to send it first. Which I thought seemed pretty weird..

Then I sent an email to my list regarding a product launch one email and I got a message my account had been blocked…I sent an email asking why it was blocked for two months and why was i paying for an autoresponder for two months that I couldn’t use..

Hi Sotiris,

It appears that your campaigns are for an “Affiliate Product”.

At this time “Affiliate Marketing” is on the list of prohibited types of campaigns.

If your new campaign is NOT promoting an Affiliate product please send it to us for review.


 Yes you heard right a message from an autoresponder company saying you cannot market affiliate products RFLAO…
After more messages and a two day wait for a response each time I finally said..
My Autoresponder account has been blocked for two months in a row while I am paying for a list of 5000 subscribers which I cannot contact.

In your previous email I was told it was because I promoted a MLM or affiliate marketing product or service.
The fact of the matter is I cannot even login to send an email saying good morning let alone anything else.
I have never heard of an autoresponder system that does not allow affiliate marketing before.
I can stop using it to do affiliate marketing or promote an MLM type businesseseven if it sounds ridiculous, but the sheer fact that I pay for the system and cannot even send an email is a joke..
That one  is on me, obviously, as I am paying monthly for it. Time to move to Autoresponse Plus, I think?
If you cannot unblock my account, then please cancel it with immediate effect and stop charging my card..
Many Thanks
Myself, including my family,  friends and clients have bought lots of your products and services over the years and have never have experienced anything like this.
Let’s hope there will be better communications and services available in the future.
That actually does what they are supposed to do.
Suddenly I got an email giving me one day to log into my account and move my emails which took me weeks to load up. after paying for the bloody thing for 3 or 4 months..
I got some of my emails moved but tried to login tonight and it says the account does not exist.  So all my emails I put there are gone..  :-(
This lesson applies to many things including Social Media Sites 
Yes I had my You Tube Account Deleted
Had My Twitter Account Suspended
Had My Facebook Account Group Posts Blocked for 7 days.
Some ways to keep yor stuff safe.
Have multiple You Tube Accounts,Facebook,Twitter
Host all your videos on amazon S3 using This
Spread your stuff around lots of diffrent Social Media Sites not just one..
Have your own website or blog.

You Can Get One Here


Never put all your Eggs In One Basket (Internet Marketing 202)

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Accusations will not take away guilt

Accusations will not take away the guilt


(This post is about something I read related to me an accusation, it may not make complete sense to you, but it is full of useful information if you care about your health)

Do you ever go through a phase in your life and you get accused of something.  One of the truths about accusation is that it is normally the person who does the judgement  feels guilty whether consciously or subconsciously.  If they have a conscience?   Why do they feel guilty, maybe, because they were wrong because they feel insecure, because of a fear of being unloved.

Obviously I am not going to go into too much detail here but recently I was accused of telling a friend the truth about a treatment for a serious disease. The person’s partner in question had a friend who suffered from a disease and even though they were offered to tell them about someone who has cured tens of thousands of people with Cancer who was in her area..  She didn’t tell her friend the excuse was he was a con man and he was trying to make money.

I really do not know how anyone could see a friend suffering with such a disease and not give them an option to try to heal it painlessly.  Rather than go through suffering and pain which in 95% of cases results in or causes death.. Or future recurring cancers from the treatment, Blasting someones body with radiation stronger than Chernobyl is hardly a cure that many people’s bodies can or will survive.  And the after effects are devastating as their immune system afterwards is destroyed.

The fact of the matter is sick people are a billion dollar industry to the pharmaceutical companies and they want your money not you to be cured.  There are lots of brainwashed people out there who think this is impossible and they continue to take poisons and watch while their loved ones get  killed off by, if be it slowly by  antibiotics ,vaccines and chemotherapy and their brains damaged with anti depressants.


The truth of the matter is normally the person who is the problem is the last person to know they are the problem. And God, if he is around will know that well. No matter how much they pray otherwise.  The bottom line is if your Father, Mother, Child or any other friend or relative is sick from something and there is a list of alternative cures as long as your arm.  Not trying or finding out about them before poisoning them with chemotherapy, antibiotics, operations (Butchery)  is not necessarily the first or optimum solution.

If people had half a brain or  even researched the truth, they would realize this. Or at least attempt to do something else before starting these procedures which are 95% ineffective.. And actually cause more disease and sickness  than curing it. I have been researching health and wellness since my father died while heavily medicated a year after receiving the swine flue vaccine.  I do not research stuff put out by the government  and pharmaceutical companies as they are in it for the money.


If you are in any doubt about this then doing some real research not from government websites about the effects of GMO‘s  Chemotherapy,Vaccines,Anti Depressants Including ADHD, Fluoride, Amalgam fillings, Root Canals, Aspartame,MSG’s and any other crap you are being poisoned with..

The truth of the matter is ignorance is a catastrophe and being ignorant about such things can and will end up in loss of life, be it yourself or loved ones suffering and or dying prematurely for no reason. And for me that is too painful to sit like an idiot in the background and say nothing..   If you are a sheep and are happy to go to the slaughter voluntarily or send your family to it. That is your problem because of ignorance.

People are always looking for someone to blame in the olden days they used to call it a witch hunt. And they would find someone and burn them alive  to cure their problems.  Unfortunately, people still operate on the same principles they can be nasty, rude, threaten people, but it all comes back one way or another.   In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not it is called karma. When you do things to people it comes back eventually. No matter what God you believe in or how hard you pray..  You cannot fool yourself as you know the truth subconsciously.   And it will eat you if you do the wrong things.  Of course, none of us are perfect, but one given the option of healing  or attempting to go straight to causing suffering for someone.  The right choice would be  obvious if your mind was open.

Some people might not be happy about what I have or did say or do.  But anything I did was to help or save the life of an important person.  In vain unfortunately if I had to do it again I would do the same thing and if I was about to do something dangerous with a member of my family.  I would be most grateful to have a friend that actually cared enough and was not submerged too deeply in their own ego to tell me the truth.

Once again if you think my statements are a shock to your system you can look at some other peoples opinions


Here Are Some Resources and Info that could save your life or a family members life if your mind is open and not shut..

This in fact is the person who was accused by someone of being a con man trying to make money see what you think? In my opinion, he is one of the most knowledgeable truthful caring people I have met.


DR Clement In Dublin

Top disease and prevention course ( LOTS OF RESOURCES)

Death By Doctor

Chemotherapy Is A Waste Of Money

Pharmaceutical Confessions

Like someone once said your mind is like a Parachute it only works when open

Accusations will not take away the guilt

Empower Network VS Other Business Opportunities

Empower Network VS Other Business Opportunities


I was watching a Live Empower Network Event in Charlotte  was watching John Lavenia speak and what he said just hit me..

I was looking at other online business opportunities and looking at Empower Network the other business opportunities where down low and Empower Network was up there on a pedestal.

That is exactly what my Empower Network business is to me there is no other business that comes close to Empower Network.  No other business with the trainings the community.

The team spirit, no other leader in MLM that I have seen with the Vision of David Wood. Apart from an Amazing Team high quality trainings. There is no other business I have ever been in with the amazing compensation plan of Empower Network.Network Marketing or MLM companies

They pay out 100% commissions on lots of their products. That means when you join Empower Network by the time you get your second customer you have already covered the cost of your Empower Network Blog.

Although some companies have tried to copy Empower Networks compensation plan. I have yet to see a company where you can make so much money by bringing so few people into your business.

In many Network Marketing or MLM Companies you need to bring in tens, hundreds in some cases even thousands of people into your organisation just to get your money back..  Never mind to make a profit.

There are some delusional people out there selling $47 products thinking they are going to get rich making 50% commissions on these products. Many of them try to put down EN even if they have no clue or never joined the business or bought the products.

What I can tell you from what I have seen of the majority of these people are broke or making a few dollars a month and cannot recognise they do not have a proper business.  Yes you can get good trainings but if the owners of the company are geting rich on $45 commissions from 50% commission payouts.

It is going to take a heck of a lot of sales to make any type of money . When you compare that to being in a business where people are committed will invest up to $5000 in their business per person.

And be able to make one all in sale monthly and make  $5000 in a month there is no comparison. Than trying to make  223  $45 sales a month in fact to think you will get rich with method two you would need to be a lunatic..  Yes for a few dollars extra income it’s great.. For some training or to mingle with other likeminded people it’s great.  But that is it my friends, I do weekly training hangouts feel free to go and visit one of them and find out what we are doing in our business

Get Ready To Fight The Forces Of Evil Now

Empower Network VS Other Business Opportunities

7 Internet Marketing Tools That Will Transform Your Business

7 Internet Marketing Tools That Will Transform Your Business

When it comes to running an oline business I always tell people on my team that it is important to treat your business like a business and buy the things you need to market your business properly.  There are many people who make excuses and do not buy them they will say things like I am not making any money so I cannot afford to buy them right now.

Or they will say when I make money I will buy them. When I hear this I know exactly why they are broke.   It is kind of instead of saying here is what I need. Make a list, price it and buy the things I need to make money online.

They give a big list of excuses..  It is hilarious something like I paid x for this product and I am not making money?   Hmmmm

1. Do you have professional Videos?

2. Do You Have Professional Optin or sales pages?

3. Can You see your conversion rates?

4. Do you have a reliable Autoresponder?

5. Do your Graphics and Banners Logos ETC look good or professional?

6. Are you branding yourself properly?

7. Do you have a product funnel that people buy and will make you big Ticket and Residual Commissions?

8. Do you have your own blog or website? If you answer no to any of these questions the chances are there are some huge bottomless money draining pits in your business which is keeping you broke.

The point of todays article is to tell you the tools you need to take your business to the next level.  Lets Face it a few years ago on the Internet you could make a cheap half assed video and make a fortune.

Today things are a little different there is loads of competition so YOU and YOUR BUSINESS need to stand out from the rest.


Here are the tools that are really essential or will up your game to the next level.

If you don’t have the majority of these  chances are you should or will be going back to a job. Or selling on Ebay Or Amazon soon..

1.  Yes you need a  high quality Autoresponder you can get one HERE  no list = No Money or at least a lot less money.

2. You need a way to create professional capture pages for your business and services.

3. You need to have access to your own video hosting as hosting on you tube is not reliable ask any top Internet Marketer.

4. You need to have a good software for creating Facebook Banners,Logos,Pictures and banners for your website or pay a fortune outsourcing it.

5. You need a software that you can use to create professional videos for your capture pages and sales pages.

6. You Need To Have A Website the complete minimum is at least have a Free Website but if you are serious get a paid version.

7. You need to have a sales funnel that pays out a really high commission rate

7 Internet Marketing Tools That Will Transform Your Business

5 Steps To Increase Your Daily Productivity

5 Steps To Increase Your Daily Productivity

Today I want To Give You 5 Steps That will increase your daily productivity in your online business.

1. Write A list of all the tasks that you have to do for the day .

2. Look at the list and mark them in order the most important tasks first and then the least important at the bottom of the list that way if you don’t get them all finished at least you will have done the most important tasks.

3. Make sure you get a good sleep the night before. Being tired and sleepy can make you tired forgetful and not  do things properly so if you need an extra couple of hours sleep then make sure to take them.  That way you will be much more productive.

4. Take an hour to learn something new every day watch a video read a book or listen to a training to increase your skills.  So that you can get better every day in what you do.

5.  Be careful who you spend your time with? People tend to become as successful as the 5 people they spend the most time with so if you are not hanging out with succesful entrepreneurs and you spend time with broke whiners.  It is likely that you could become a broke whiner too.


Always take some time to think think about what you are doing on a daily basis and question it.   Are you growing are you getting better are you hanging around with people that will move you forward or drag you backwards?



5 Steps To Increase Your Daily Productivity

Why Vaccines Kill And Ignoring This Fact Is Killing Your Loved Ones

Why Vaccines Kill And Ignoring This Fact Is Killing Your Loved Ones

Recently I was in a conversation with someone who was working in a very low paid kinda miserable job.  As we got into the conversation she said I used to be a doctor, but I quit because all the things we where told to prescribe where causing more harm than good to the patients. She couldn’t live with damaging people, poisoning them and luckily she was one of the people who could put 2 and 2 together.   Now this wasn’t someone online from a country a zillion miles away! This was someone living in the same place as I live in Northern Ireland.  So telling me, oh that doesn’t happen where I come from will not rub off on me.

why vaccines kill

The problem is people are programmed to listen to authority, and even if it is downright dangerous they will still follow the route of authority.  So even if the British postal services and TV licensing are under the  IBM group of companies people believe TV licensing is the government lol…  Of course, why would anyone question authority..  HMMM

Vaccines are absolutely full of toxic compounds, including Mercury,Formaldehyde to mention a couple of them..  They cause everything from Leukemia,cancer,autism and too many other diseases to mention in this article.  The fact is huge drug companies make billions yearly peddling legal drugs to unknowing sheep every year.. Sheep who listen to the media that these companies own, the schools that are run by the same people, Where do the teachings come from in medical school from the people who run the medical systems who are of course associated with the profits generated by making or keeping people sick.

Ask yourself a question and really think about it instead of letting your brainwashing ignore it.  Ask yourself how much money would you be worth to the drug companies if you were healthy.  Not a heck of a lot, but now if you have diabetes,heart problems,cancer,mental problems,arthritis you become worth billions.   Yes, you think they want to help you?  To cure you but you are well mistaken, they want another regular customer. As soon as you are diagnosed with cancer your hospital has already 100k in the bank even if it is in electronic form.   Yes of course they do not give it from their pocket, it comes directly from the taxpayers working their butts off to be poisoned.

Now, after reading this you could be completely ignorant and even stupid and say this is a conspiracy theory..  A theory is something that is unproven if you look into and do some research you will realize that everything I am saying here is true..    Why are they putting mercury amalgam fillings in peoples mouths knowing how toxic they are.  How come you have to pay for non-toxic fillings, but amalgam fillings are subsidized by the government (I.E. The taxpayers)   Why are they putting fluoride a potent neurotoxin into your water and toothpaste.  Why are the allowing highly carcinogenic cancerous substances like aspartame and all the variations of it for people who know about it. Into all the everyday foods on the supermarket shelves.

Why are they spraying us with poisonous gases, including aluminium and barium, which cause many sicknesses including Alzheimer’s disease which is mysteriously going up throughout the world.

? Did you know that the swine flue vaccine was patented a few years before the first ever case of swine flu

? Did you know that the Aids virus was man made in a laboratory

? Did You know that in the UK they have made a law that says if anyone has cancer the only treatment anyone can legally mention is chemotherapy

? Did you know when your kids are born and you create a birth certificate you are signing your kids over to the state.  Yes, that is why they can take your children off you because you have given them consent.

? Did you know that 95% of people who get chemotherapy treatment for cancer will be dead in 5 years

? Did you know that 40- 60% of people with Cancer  who don’t get chemotherapy will be alive in 5 years

? Did you know the man who discovered ADHD said on his deathbed that it was a made up illness

The people who run this world run it through fear. They want you to be scared and listen to authority, even if it makes no sense or will and can be your demise or the demise of your loved ones.


Fear of not getting vaccinated

Fear of not doing what you are told.

Fear of being arrested in case your children do not attend  the public education system every day by means of fines and threats to take away your children. 


This is not how life was mean’t to be and unless you wake up it will continue being forced upon you..


There are many of us being oppressed and a few of the oppressors running the hamster wheel.

The joke of it is, it is people like us doing the oppression to ourselves and our own family like Police,Doctors,Social Workers,Chemists,


Yes Officers you need to terrorize innocent people for money approach elderly ladies and fine them for going 10 miles over the speed limit to feed the corporations.

Yes the doctors who follow orders without question dishing out vaccines, chemotherapy,antibiotics, and ADHD pills

Yes the dentists who put mercury fillings in peoples mouths daily, in fact, one of the most highly toxic poisons on a daily basis and recommending toothpaste with Fluoride another neurotoxin.

Yes not forgetting the chemists who dish out the mix of chemicals which kill people off bit by bit and keep them coming back for more till they die.  


When I see cancer charities going round shopping centers asking pensioners for donations to find a cure for cancer it makes me sick.

There are so many cures for cancer, but anyone who cures cancer is repressed attacked not allowed to practice or called a quack.

The cancer money goes to the big pharma to look for a cure that is an absolute disgrace.  They know the cures why do you think cannabis is illegal and tobacco isn’t ?

Tobacco creates diseases  = $$$$$$$$ for the big pharma, and cannabis cures diseases= Bankrupcy for the big pharma.

My friends if you still think the pharmaceutical companies are looking out for your health?  You are either incredibly dumb or have been watching too much TV or had ten years brainwashing at medical school.


Recently one of  my friends who I told not to vaccinate are waiting for their child to die of Leukemia after 3 bouts of chemotherapy (I also advised against this) Not once did they approach anyone who actually cures people with Cancer or Leukemia  or contact anyone, because they were brainwashed by the medical profession don’t ignore this message do the research and not from a government big pharma sponsored website. I will be giving you lots of resources below.

Please note you need to take responsibility for your health and not entrust it to a stranger who works for a corporation with an agenda to make sales of toxic medicines.


Do You Need A Pill For Every iLL?


Please do not construe this as medical advice, it is just my personal opinion



There are lots of examples I have put for you in the link below




Full Seminar On Health And Wellness In Dublin With DR Brian Clements




Why Vaccines Kill And Ignoring This Fact Is Killing Your Loved Ones