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Interview With Hugo Messer CEO Of Ekipa.Co



Interview With Hugo Messer CEO Of Ekipa.Co





Hugo Messer

Hugo Messer

Hi  my name is Sotiris Bassakaropoulos I would just like to thank you for joining me for this short interview :-)  

What is your name?

My name is Hugo Messer 


What is your position in the company Hugo?

My position is the co-founder CEO





I would like to ask you 5 short questions Hugo if that will be okay?

That will be fine Sotiris.

Okay then so lets start with No1 :-)


  1. What would be your companies mission statement Hugo? To democratize remote collaboration.


  1. If I was to ask you what makes your company stand out from your nearest competitors what would you say?

          We are in between 2 existing businesses: online freelance marketplaces like Upwork and traditional IT firms like Accenture.

          We are different from both on 4 major points:

          – we have expert software teams on our online marketplace. No freelancers

         – all teams are vetted

         – we match projects with teams that have built similar software for clients like you

         – we support the collaboration with personal service.


3.What is the most common request you get generally on your company website.

    Most requests are for full time dedicated teams that work longer term on a software product. Most of our customers are software product firms (sometimes startups, but mostly mature software firms). These teams can work on any          technology, but the most common teams that work for our customers work on the major platforms like .net, php, Java, ios and android.


  1. Who is your ideal client and how can you help them?

Our ideal customer is a software product firm that has over 100 employees and makes steady turnover. We help them by selecting a dedicated scrum team that has experience working as a team on similar products. Once the team is selected, we support them in the remote collaboration with our Bridge Method. We do a workshop to create a ‘communication roadmap’. This covers everything from the development process, coding standards, meeting rhythm up to a concrete plan on building a real team spirit. Then we assign an Ekipa expert to facilitate the collaboration; he’ll check in through skype every week (or more if needed) to ensure that the collaboration works smooth.



  1. I used to live in Holland many years ago, but I am just curious as to why you chose to launch your company in Schiphol in Holland. As many companies now operate from India and other countries where operating costs are cheaper.

I am a Dutch guy, living in the Netherlands, that’s why our head office is in the Netherlands. But we have our main office in Cochin, India, where 50 people work. That’s where the development and marketing, the ‘real action’ takes place. I have lived in India for almost 2 years setting up our office. The past years, I have run our service firm from the Netherlands, but as Ekipa is a global platform, I am now considering moving abroad again. Today, it doesn’t matter where I’m doing my work, I can work from any place on earth.


Thank you Hugo for going into more detail on that as it gives us all a much clearer picture about your company. :-)

Anything else you would like to mention Hugo?

Yes indeed Sotiris. :-)

If you have any software product you need built, please drop me an email ( so we can discuss the stage you’re at and how Ekipa could help you build great software. You can also download some free ebooks ( about managing remote teams, which I have personally written.

End Of Interview

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy In Your Business?


This is dedicated to all the people out there who know That they are their own worst enemy when it comes to their business.


Now What Are You Gonna Do About It!!


The first thing they teach people when they visit an AA workshop for addiction is you need to realise the problem.  Thankfully I never had any of those type of addictions but admitting where you are falling short will help you to shine a light in the direction you need to go.

There are so many capable people out there who just don’t discipline themselves as much as they should, 😉 Myself included, truth is discipline is a very big trait that you will find in anyone who has had significant success in business. and yes I do and have had a lot of discipline but sometimes it escapes me for a short time.   And of course this is the time when I do less production and generate less success inside my businesses.

The thing is if you want to live a life of your dreams you need to get back up and onto the road of disciplining yourself or getting someone else to hold you accountable for your actions or lack of them. I remember a long time ago listening to one of my mentors.  He said you just need to go off track a few millimetres and in a year you will end up on the opposite side of the earth.   Remember changing your daily actions a little likely will not kill you.  But going off course for a year in your health or financial commitments in the wrong direction could end up killing you or a family member.  Sometimes you gotta just nip things in the bud when they start going off course.

First thing you need to do is don’t lie to yourself.  Do you ever hear that inner voice telling you things are going to be fine, yes trying to convince yourself.  Even when another part of you inside is practically screaming knowing you are on a disaster collision course.

If you haven’t already looked at this post check it out this is some of the most valuable information that everyone should have to listen to in school.  Instead of wasting years doing stupid algebra equations.


What is your destination IE.  where are you going?

1. Where are you planning to live ?

2. What cars are you planning to own?

3. How do you see your finances in the future?

4. How do you see your family relationships in the future?

5. What are your short term plans?

6. What are your long term plans?

7. What steps do you need to take on a hourly, daily, weekly monthly basis to achieve these things?


Remember Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail.

Have you ever got on a ship and not asked where is it’s destination?  Of course not though many people drift along in life with no clue about where they want to go.

Of course their chances of getting to an unknown destination are pretty big what about you?

Where are you heading!!


Did you take the action steps required today to get your Business, Finances, Relationships And Health where they need to be in the future?


If not then sit down take some time to reflect and write out a plan in fact follow the Jim Rohn Post I made earlier believe me you will probably have a huge breakthrough.


Some other questions you need to ask yourself .


Have I created all the content required for my business recently?

Have I put my business in front of a large audience of people IE Advertising?

Putting myself in the audiences shoes would I like what I have to offer?

What value am I creating for my clients or customers and prospects?

Is my product good and does it do what is says on the tin?


Hope you got some value from this


Please feel free to post any  comments you have below :-)


Are You Your Own Worst Enemy In Your Business?

Susan Taylor Interview

The Coupon Industry is one of the most competitive industries at the moment, and only few of the thousands of coupon websites out there have succeeded, today we are going to interview Susan Taylor about her success and how she has managed to make a success website when others have failed miserable.

Please tell us about and how it helps the users?

Well, is a coupons website, we have over 12,000 stores on our website, our team at rebateszone verify the coupons on daily basis for all of the listed stores, it’s our guarantee that we will only provide working deals and coupons on our website, rebateszone helps users to save money on their order, let me explain, for example, if a user purchases a product from and his total is $120, now he can get a discount of about 10% on his order, by using a backcountry coupon from this page, so basically rebateszone helps users to save money.

2) When did you start Rebates zone, and what was the initial investment?

It was started back in 2013, and the initial investment was just $5k, yes that is right, I was very short on budget especially considering the bigger budgets of coupon websites, that money was invested in design, hosting etc. despite small investment we did really well, especially when I look the position of my company now.

3) What is your marketing strategy and how you succeeded when you had such a small budget?

To be honest, in the start I never tried to compete with big coupon websites, my main purpose was just to create a coupon website with best user experience, mainly when you look at coupon website you’ll find lots of expired deals and coupons, when I created the coupon website my main target was to provide tested coupons to users at one place. In my opinion, small budget doesn’t count as long as you’ve determination to make your project successful.

My marketing strategy wasn’t any different from any other coupon website, I did Facebook ads and used PPC to get targeted visitors, in my view your marketing strategy will only succeed when you’ve a solid product, so my tip for all the people who are reading this interview is that firstly make a solid product that you think people will love and then think of marketing it.

4) Tell us that how Rebates zone generated revenue?

Rebates zone gets affiliate commision for every sale that is done through our website, whenever user purchases by using our affiliate link then we get paid for that.

5) What are your Future plans?

Currently, rebates zone is in 50 coupon websites on internet and my aim is to get into top 10 coupon websites by the end of this year.

FreshMail email marketing software and their newsletter templates are here

What is the first thing, that you think about when you hear the words e-mail marketing.

Do you think of a professional opt-in form done in a modern and irresistible style?

Do you think of user friendly e-mail templates, that are easy to use?

Do you think about colourful and current newsletter templates?

How about a video e-mail that can possibly create real engagement with your prospects and clients?

If so than FreshMail has all of the above plus much more.

FreshMail is a marketing software for creating, sending and tracking targeted email campaigns.

Email marketing is still one of the best and most effective ways to reach out to people and get customers and clients. The efficiency of email marketing has been proven over and over again by the fact that most people receive their e-mail instantly at their finger tips.

That is why it is also very important to send e-mails, in the relevant time zone. The  e-mail should deliver a message, that will be pleasing to the eye, but  will have easy access. Mobile and tablet e-mail access can no longer be ignored as according to Adestra 45% of email opens occurred on mobile, 36% on desktop and 19% in a web mail client. 

The team behind Fresh Mail will provide you with  statistics of your current and past e-mail campaigns and what you can do to improve your content. You will also receive information about every aspect of your campaign.

You have only one chance to make a good first impression and by choosing attractive fonts and colours  you can create  e-mail follow-up letters that your subscribers would be wanting.

One of best things about FreshMail is that it offers a free account yes you can start using it straight away and have an opt-in form set up on your blog or a website in a matter of minutes.

There are 64 email newsletter templates.These Templates are designed to suit almost every niche and there are also seasonal templates that you can use as well.

If you have chosen the free plan you can send a maximum of 2000 messages a month to no more than 500 recipients, counted by unique addresses on your subscriber list. This is a very useful and cost effective way to start building your list if you are on a low budget. Or just starting out on the internet.

Once your list has grown above these numbers you can choose either the pay as you go send out option or one of the great value monthly options, that are not available to other email service providers.

Another  great feature about FreshMail is that once you join and confirm your e-mail you will receive a kind welcome from the customer service consultants, which you can contact via e-mail or by phone. Being able to talk to a real person instead of sending a support ticket is a great way to greet new clients in my opinion.

Writing good email campaigns that deliver value and are interesting to read for your clients is your job. If you enjoy writing  e-mails then your readers will appreciate learning new stuff and it will also give you a better chance to engage with them.

FreshMail offers a fantastic opportunity for you to create e-mail campaigns when you use the newsletter templates. Every piece of content, that you create should speak volumes to your readers about what you can offer them. The more you communicate with them the better you will get to know them and the better you will be able to solve their problems and deliver value.

By choosing FreshMail for your e-mail campaigns you are reaching out to clients and getting to know them better and you have the potential to sell them products, that they actually want to buy

Click here to take a free test drive.

Climate Change Something To Worry About Or A Load Of B@lls

Climate Change Something To Worry About Or A Load Of B@lls

I hear about it all the time and peoples attitudes to it.  It’s kinda like mad cow’s disease something created to be able to put more controls on  people and society’s.  And all the sheep believe it. Don’t get me wrong I think there is lots to be concerned about in this world.  But climate change is not one of them.

The story is the world is getting so hot because of CO2 what a bag of bull.. If you want to know the real reason for the climate change frenzy here it is.

New Taxes on Planes and non Eco friendly things like plastic bags.

Bill Gates and his cronies get free reign to spray us with Aluminium(which causes Alzhiemers) Barium and all sorts of Flue Vaccines and who knows what other BS. To cool the earth right??  Hmm.   Last thing I heard he was a population control fanatic is it really about the weather? Or murdering Millions of people?

The truth is many people have no idea what is being done to them with chemtrails, plane travel, Vaccines,GMO’s,Monsantos Roundup Being Sprayed everywhere. Personally where I live in Northern Ireland it is getting colder.  It could be due to Billy The Kids Poisonous chemtrails which block out the sun which creates life on this planet via photosynthesis.

Or hey who ever thought of it hmm.  It could be the sun? It being a load of exploding gases and all.  Could the tempurature jump about a little.   As for the wild storms etc what about the Harp weather distortion might that have any effect.

I even hear people who are very sensible generally talking about climate change.  I think if you are really concerned about our climate then.  Close down all the oil companies and their pollution   Get rid of the toxic military weapons and Nuclear Power Plants.

Stop allowing forests to be destroyed and start buying land and plant a forest around your property.   When people talk about climate change to me it’s like telling me 5 men from caves called Al Quaeda blew up the twin towers.  See what a CIA insider says. If a plane caused the buildings to fall explain this video?

Who where the suspects of 911

It was george bush and his cronies pulling an insurance scam, and getting another reason to invade to get more oil and stick in another central bank in places where it wouldn’t have been accepted.  And make his mate’s company Haliburton Billions in the process.

Climate change is just another scam and you can be sure of one thing.  It won’t be of any benefit to you.  So next time you see some corporation employees  going round with a collection box looking for money for climate change.  Waken Up…  To the big picture.





Climate Change Something To Worry About Or A Load Of B@lls

Tips For Scheduling Your Social Media And Emails

Tips For Scheduling Your Social Media And Emails

One of the great advantages about having an online business is the fact that your business can still run even when you are not there.   Of course you still have to be there or have someone else be there to setup the business and get it started.

But once you have some good content floating around on the Internet and built up some loyal subscribers.  Then you can use the magic of scheduling.  You can schedule things like your social media posts, Autoresponder messages, videos and website content that can be posted even when you are nowhere near a computer.

Of course you could always pay outsourcers to do it for you. You could hire a full time outsourcer in the Philippines for about $300 a month.  Or alternatively you could hire out a load of gigs on Fiverr to be done while you are away.  In fact I know of one fellow Internet Marketer who has his Philippino outsourcer buy gigs on Fiverr to drive traffic to his websites and make him hefty commissions.

All while he is lying in a hot tub somewhere beside some exotic beach living in the lap of luxury.   :-)

Here are some suggestions that you may like to use in your own business too.

1. Use the Premium Kalatu Calendar For Scheduling Your Blog Posts Even Months Or Years In Advance.

2. Set up a series of autoresponder email messages for each list for the next year.

First Week 1 Email Every Two Days

2nd week 2 emails a week

week three till 4 1 email a week

week 4 till week 16 2 emails a month

Week 16 till end of the year one email every month.

3. Sit down And Create 5 You Tube Videos A Day For 10 Days after 10 days you will have 50 You Tube videos,then when you have created them schedule a You Tube Video to post once a week for the next year. Using the You Tube scheduling feature.

4. Create a Feed for your you tube videos and post your You Tube Videos on Your Blogs using the automated feed.

5. Use tools like Networked blogs and IFTTT to automate as many of your social networking posts as possible.

Tips For Scheduling Your Social Media And Emails

10 Social Media Rules For Internet Dummies

10 Social Media Rules For Internet Dummies


1. Upload A Profile Picture of yourself or a person who will represent your business or company not only a logo on Social Media Profiles

2. Interact remember some of these people are human so treat them like that and remember. You won’t always be communicating with a robot or bit of software even if it happens from time to time.

3. Make sure you put in some information about you or the business you represent on Social Media

4. Customise Your Profile and make it unique to yourself and or your business if you represent one.

5. Remember Social Media is all about communication so if someone sends you a message feel free to send them one back. Giving and receiving interaction is important if you want to be noticed.

6. Remember to tell your friends and followers on Social Media exactly what you want them to do, as not everyone online has psychic abilities. EG.   Go visit my blog, Click here to get your free gift, follow me on twitter, add me on Facebook, Subscribe to my You Tube Channel ETC…

7. Don’t message people on Social Media to sell them your great business opportunity, especially if you have never talked to them before. It is plain rude and a waste of their time and in most cases yours as well.

8. If you want more interaction on social media ask questions and provide your readers with the answers to questions they have. The richest people get paid for solving problems so find a problem you can get paid for solving and start charging for it.

9. Remember these two great wealth secrets! People get paid for solving problems or creating value for others.  The same rules apply with Social Media.  So if you aren’t solving anyone’s problems or creating any value on social media then you probably don’t make a lot of money.

10. Always remember when advertising on Social media your business is an island. Your social media accounts are bridges sending traffic back to your island.  The problem for most people is they get lazy and don’t build enough bridges back to their island.  So the customers never come.  Don’t spend all your time setting up websites and social media accounts spend about 20% doing that and the rest of your time marketing.  Getting people back to your blog, website or business if you want to be successful.



10 Social Media Rules For Internet Dummies

9 Reasons To Be Consistent In Your Online Business

9 Reasons To Be Consistent In Your Online Business

When you look at people who have the most success when running an online business one of the big attributes that they all have in common is that they generally remain consistent when it comes to running their online business.

9 Reasons To Be Consistent In Your Online Business

9 Reasons To Be Consistent In Your Online Business

1. When it comes to doing anything actions speak louder than words when building a team or a customer base people will generally do what you do and not what you say.  So when you are consistent in what you are doing other people will follow your example.  Yes they will do what you do but not necessarily what you say.

2. People who are consistent generally achieve much better results than people who are not consistent.  So choose which one you are going to be.

3. Video Marketing –  By regularly posting a Video on our You Tube channel or blog you will create a huge amount of content and when done consistently over a number of months or years.  It will drive lots of targeted people to your videos, products and or website if done correctly .

4. Facebook Marketing – Sharing valuable information consistently on Facebook and regular interactions will help build your authority in your niche or business and also get more people to know like and trust you.  Which means more subscribers, sales and business coming your way in the long term.

5. Adding friends, followers and Associates on all the big social networks consistently will give you are large exposure to prospects when done consistently over time.  As it is not only important to interact on social media it is also important that you have some people or connections to see your content too.

6. Many people will watch you over an extended period of time therefore if you are not consistent with one business or message and hop from one business to the next many of these people will not take part in it or join any business you are in.

7. Team mates and followers generally copy their leaders they don’t look at what you say!! They look at what you do so if you want to build a consistent team that will market your business or services then you will need to show you are consistent too.

8. Being consistent with your social media communication in other words answering/replying to messages and providing value will let people see that you are a real person and not a bot or a scammer .  This will also determine how many subscribers and sales you get online too.

9. Lack of consistency or quitting is one of the biggest reasons in the world for failure so if you want to be successful at what you do you need to keep going after the losers have quit.  (That is how winners are made)


9 Reasons To Be Consistent In Your Online Business

New Empower Network Funnels

New Empower Network Funnels

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