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Interview With Rueben Wood Of SOM Media Network (Spaced Out Magazine)

Interview With Rueben Wood Of SOM Media Network (Spaced Out Magazine)

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 16.09.12

Sotiris -Hi Rueben, thank you for joining me today for this interview, I would just like to ask you a few questions about your business if thats okay

Rueben -Yes indeed where would you like to start.

Sotiris -Well first thing I would like to ask you as I think it is very interesting and important for any business is.

1. What is your company mission statement or the main goal of your business?

Rueben- SOM Media Network, is a the collection of music and culture influenced sites, along with business influenced content. The network holds two magazines, one dedicated strictly to indie artist, and one with a focus on business and entertainment. The SOM Media Network is surely the new force behind today’s ever changing music and entertainment industry, and creating a new way to do business in corporate America. Spaced Out Magazine is the center for business and entertainment news to millions everyday. This site continues to break marks in its reach to the vast majorities, and cultures. Spaced Out Magazine has been around since 2011 giving the music world an open door to the business industries it so desires to merge with.

2. What would you say makes your business stand out from all the other companies in your sector/niche?

Rueben- We have been the driving force behind the entertainment industry since 2011, staying relevant for that long without stopping or shutting down I think makes us different enough. It’s not was having a media company let alone a publication, that is finally on the verge of national success.

3. Whereabouts is your business or company based and if so is there any specific reason for this?

 Rueben- Spaced Out Magazine is based in Atlanta, GA. Of course being that I’m from Georgia I wanted my business to be based here.

4. What benefits would you say that your readers get from visiting your magazine?

Rueben- Great content and articles, on the daily. The latest news, and whats currently trending is what we are always giving our readers. But we have a strong sense of bringing facts to them.

5. If there was one huge goal or stride you would want to take or achieve in the future for your business what would that be?

Rueben- To have one of the largest media companies, privately owned, servicing several industries globally.

Sotiris – Thanks Rueben for answering those questions for us today :-)

Spaced Out Magazine

For most average normal 23 year olds its all about partying and sleep! But not for Rueben Wood. He has established himself as the owner of Spaced Out Magazine and the SOM Media Network, based in the heart of Atlanta, Ga. Wood made his career change from being once known as a Hip Hop and R&B act by the name of Yung Bank. Still producing for corporate company infomercials,and film scores, this brainy young man has a lot to offer anyone interested in reading more on him.

Rueben Wood started as a small town Georgian with a dream, hailing from the Coastal Empire of Brunswick, Ga. He has become media partners with several of today’s top media companies and brands, with good reason since his site has received over 8.6 million hits since its launch in 2012. Being only 23 he has completed so much and continues to go above and beyond. Already well known in the industry as a media icon and celeb journalist, he adds even more to his resume with being a celeb chef and having a show “Small Kitchen Big Taste” coming later 2015.

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The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach

The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach

When it comes to learning about online marketing,blogging,video marketing, social media etc The best way that you can learn it is to teach it to your readers, subscribers and members.  The fact is that the internet and online marketing world changes very quickly and there is so much valuable information, you cannot store it permanently in your head.

So my advice to you would be that anytime you learn some valuable new tips in your business is to create a blog post, create a video, an E-book or even a book detailing what you have learned.  If you do not do this some of the ideas and memories will fade and be lost in the depths of your mind.

Now that we have blogs etc you can write down every little detail and have it sitting it out there like an open book. If it is something a little secretive you can always write it down and password protect it.  That way at any time you can go back and refresh your memory or provide useful information to others and teach them in the process.

I had a incident recently with one of my gmail accounts recently they where deleted so I decided to go through all of my old Google hangouts and download them onto my computer in case any more accounts got deleted. Some of the hangouts where from last year but when I sat down and listened to them there where some really great tips and ideas.

It doesn’t matter whether you like or don’t like writing/typing, creating videos or recording your own voice this is something you really should be doing. Remember the things that you do now can and possibly will be seen by future generations in full colour.

Yes you can make a video and talk to your kids your future grandkids what would you like to hear from your great great grandfather if you had access to his videos today? Your blog or video channel can be your own TV show for future generations.

Yes you can give people tips about their health, their wealth, their lives, relationships or any other subjects you wish to touch on.  Even if there is a fire you can have backups online offline all over the place done easily at the touch of a button.  The other great thing about this while you are teaching you also have your own advertising medium.

Yes you can also have products and services being promoted on your website,blog or videos and in the process make some money as well. It seems like complete madness not to you can get your own viral blogging system and get started by just clicking the link or button below this post.


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The Best Way To Learn Is To Teach

Google False Anti Spam Filters Turn Bloggers Into Cyber Criminals

Google False Anti Spam Filters Turn Bloggers Into Cyber Criminals

I went to login to my website today and got a big red page from Google Chrome telling me I could get hacked..  :-(

With all their billions of technology could these numbskulls not figure out that having one banner to a clickbank product I used myself, not be a danger to the whole Internet Marketing Community.

There might have been a time I might have saw one of these and steered clear from the website but now when I see them I just wonder what BS they are up to now. I am surprised no companies or Internet Marketers have sued them for this, as it is basically giving people the impression they are entering some kind of criminals paradise.   WTF…


I mean what on earth kind of message is this to send anyone visiting a website that is perfectly fine..  Is Google Chrome the new FBI of the Internet??

For goodness sake if you are going to diagnose sites at least send someone with a clue to the sites first before you block them.  This is an absolute disgrace..

If you think you have the right to police the Internet which you don’t,then at least have the sense to do it properly. I have seen so many legitimate online business targeted with these messages before.  Look my friends April Fools day is over if you can’t get it right then don’t do it at all.

Start focusing on getting some revenue back on Google Adwords from all the businesses and Internet Marketers you kicked off. Google didn’t become famous or a top search engine by shafting everyone of their customers or users/website owners. That came later after the fame and fortune.

If you really want to stay at the top get your facts right and stop pissing around with peoples websites and freedom.And making out that perfectly legitimate sites are dangerous.  Because right now as with pointing the finger like you are doing now.  Just remember that one finger is pointed at some innocent blogger/business owner and 4 fingers are pointing back at YOU.   Hope Yoogle have got the message..  :-)


As if we didn’t already know they where cyber criminals I logged into my email the next morning after this post and got this 

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime

So remember you can lick their bu** or tell the truth and become a target..

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 11.39.49


Google False Anti Spam Filters Turn Bloggers Into Cyber Criminals

11 Reasons People Fail In Their Online Business

11 Reasons People Fail In Their Online Business

  1. Lack of vision and/or direction in their life/business
  2. A job orientated mentality that cannot deal with the lack of a weekly or monthly regular paycheck.
  3. The ability to quit too easily.
  4. The wrong attitude towards their business and or customers. Your attitude determines your altitude.
  5. Having the wrong personality for selling to their target market.
  6. To be successful it is important to have the right mindset for business.Having a bad mindset can and often does create failure in any kind of business.
  7. Lack of or fearing a lack of support from their partners or spouse.
  8. Trying to do everything for free in your online business is a sure way to attract other people who are looking stuff for free, If all your products are Free then your business will go broke and the business will end quite quickly.
  9. Unethical practises, morals or ethics or pissing consumers off tends to make you and your business look bad and a bad reputation spreads like wildfire. So any of these things will wipe your business off the map pretty sharpish.
  10. Lack of belief in your own products or the product or services that you are selling. Many people can detect or tell if you feel real belief or excitement about what you are selling.  Or whether you are selling them a BS Story remember lots of people have a built in bullshit detector.  So if you want to make sales then believe in what you are selling and cut out the BS.
  11. Lack of discipline the truth is many people just won’t do what it takes to be successful in their business.  If you need to create a video and blog post daily and share it daily in 100 Places then you need to do it consistently or else you could end up back in the Job centre working for someone else instead.



11 Reasons People Fail In Their Online Business

Take No Prisoners When It Comes To Building Your Dream Lifestyle

Take No Prisoners When It Comes To Building Your Dream Lifestyle

Getting to your dream lifestyle takes work in fact a heck of a lot of it, tell me a billionaire who is lazy and I will show you a Coca Cola can that has flew 5 times to the sun and back.  The thing is since a very early age I was always focused on being wealthy and living a well above average lifestyle.

Along the way you will meet so many energy vampires who have absolutely no intention of ever doing anything with their lives apart from a once a year trip to Spain, sitting all day in a coffee shop or going to the bar or club at the weekend to get out of their mind on drink and or drugs to lift them out of their sad reality.

The thing is if it was a mate you saw once a year or a grumpy next door neighbour that would be okay but the truth is you can wake up married to them.  It could be one or both of your parents or it could be one of your business partners who end up beating on you constantly with their negativity train.  Yeah one minute you are positive focused excited and raring to go and then this negative person (Negativity Train) hits you travelling full speed ahead.

I believe success is also very dependent on your overall attitude and people who want stuff but don’t do anything to get it are wannabes thing is nearly everyone wants to be or have something.  Unfortunately wanting without doing leaves billions of people worlds away from their goal or dream you may even be one of them.

The thing is it is really simple to start changing it.

1. The first thing you have got to do is be honest with yourself.

There is nothing worse that will hold you back than telling yourself an untrue BS story if your life sucks admit it and then work out why. And start making some necessary changes

2. Stop the excuses while you make excuses you are giving yourself a way out of everything.

Making an excuse is easy if you want to quit and never achieve anything and be broke just make an excuse at every opportunity.

3. Look at your bank account take an inventory of what assets you have.

If you have an empty bank account and your asset balance is empty you have screwed up along the way question is what are you going to do about it starting from now?

4. Take a good look at your relationships and see how they are doing.

How to get on with your kids, friends, spouse,business partners etc.

5. Take a look at your health and ask yourself and your body what kind of job am I doing with this.

If you look at it properly and don’t BS yourself about it you will be able to see exactly where you are.

6. If you are approached by Mr or Mrs negative, take another seat tell them you are busy or you are just going off to have a manicure.

7. Sometimes people you love or care about won’t believe in you! Get over it

It’s not your problem that is their problem, the only one who can hold you back from success is you.

8. Don’t be a victim!!! Do you ever run into someone who everything happens to, the thing is they are so focused on all the things that happen to them they forget that it is up to them to make things happen.


When I was 19 I was an member of a MLM that offered cheaper calls I remember Derek Ross the CEO told us and it is one of my favourite sayings to this day.


There are 3 kinds of people

People Who Make Things Happen.

People Who Watch Things Happen.

People Who Say What Happened.

Which one of them are you going to be??


Take No Prisoners When It Comes To Building Your Dream Lifestyle

Today I Learned Lots Of Blogging Tips

Today I Learned Lots Of Blogging Tips

The problem with learning sometimes  is that you can get too busy learning and to not spend enough time doing the things that you need to do.

Today I figured out how to use a lot of new Facebook plug-ins.  In amongst a lot of other things so now if you post comments at the bottom of my blog post.   It  will  now appear  on Facebook too.


I also managed to get my hands  on a new plug-in that can see what WordPress themes or plug-ins my competitors are using. This is a really handy tool to have and will help to make my life much easier in the future.

I spent quite a lot of day playing around with this new tool visiting lots of competitors blogs and seeing all the latest plug-ins they are using. Once again this evening I am using the speech to text writing function while doing this blog post.

I was going to do a couple of different training videos today but ran out of time as I had a lot of other websites to update today. So I’m planning to get them done tomorrow so you can look forward to a few cool tips and  training videos coming your way tomorrow.


How would also would be interested to hear of any real good plug-ins that you use on your own blog or website. We would all be most grateful I’m sure if you post them in the Facebook comments box below this post. In fact after a lot of browsing around today I got some ideas to maybe change some of my blogs as well so that will be some more work to keep me occupied for the next few weeks. The upside of having a lot of blogs and websites is there are a lot of interesting topics to cover. Unfortunately the downside is that there is a lot more work to do and many more things to be updated regularly.


It’s a good job that I enjoy when actually do that way it doesn’t seem like such a task in fact I really enjoy it. if you have any topics or any questions I’m blogging or Internet marketing then once again feel free to post them below and the Facebook comments section. I think you need to be logged into your Facebook account first before you can post a comment but I’m not hundred percent sure. I would just like to thank you for clicking on the link and visiting this post today. I hope to see you again soon if you haven’t already enter your email up above to get instant access to the largest Internet marketing Home business and MLM Facebook groups to advertise your business on.


If you want to join me in my business and get access to free training from me then click the button at the bottom of this post to get your phone viral blogging system catch you later.

Today I Learned Lots Of Blogging Tips




Success Tips Podcast

Success Tips Podcast

Success Tips Podcast

How To Get More Subscribers For Your Business

Hi this is Sotiris Bassakaropoulos  from Northern Ireland in this evenings podcast I want to talk about how to get more subscribers for your business. whether you’re already marketing online or have been for a while or whether you are just new to having an online business. I  want  you  to know that it is very important to buildup  subscribers interested in your niche your products and services.  People who are interested in what you have to talk about.

When people start an online business they don’t start at the very beginning to build up a List of subscribers.   Many people still believe that they can collect thousands of  email addresses and using gmail they can email all these people. That is really that  sending above 50 emails  via gmail at a time will get you blacklisted as a spammer and  your  emails won’t  actually get through the spam filters.

So what would you would need to do if you haven’t already done this. Is you need to have an autoresponder  like Aweber  where people can come and optin to your list via an subscribe form or capture page. Offering them something maybe some information. Or offering something free in exchange for  subscribing to your email list.  Another factor you can use to get people to opt in to your list is curiosity many people will opt in if they are curious to see what is on the other side.


Once you then have these people on your list you can email thousands of them at a time as long as they have subscribed and you are using a proper autoresponder software. There is quite a number of different autoresponders that you can use just make sure you use a reputable one.  You can see some of them at .   If you are with a good autoresponder company they will get your emails delivered and they won’t end up in spam just make sure you do not use free email addresses as your from addresss.  You can get a paid email service here I have been using this one for about ten years now.

Alternatively you can buy a domain name from go daddy and a hosting account and create an email address that way though I do think it is much more difficult especially for a beginner.  And that’s one thing you should start as soon as you start your business. Build a mailing list this is one of the most common and biggest mistakes most people with an online business do.   Not building a mailing or subscriber list soon enough.

You really really should get one. :-)

The other good thing about having an autoresponder is  you can go and preload it with messages.   There is nothing to stop you setting up messages for the next week that will last you ten years.   If you decide to write a monthly email for 10 years you need to write a total of 120 emails.  There is no reason why you couldn’t do this in a couple of weeks or even outsource it for someone else to do for you.


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Why I Decided To Podcast

Why I Decided To Podcast


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Success Is About Having The Ability To Keep Going After Everyone Else Has Quit

Success Is About Having The Ability To Keep Going After Everyone Else Has Quit

I hear it time after time again and again people who come complain about what A difficult hand they have been dealt. They will say things to you like if only I had a big list. If only I could make money like you doing online then things would be different. There is only one small problem with these statements. And that is that all of us had to start at one stage in exactly the same position.

Unfortunately when I started out on the Internet I have no one to blame except for myself of course if I didn’t create a successful online business. So really I had two choices the choices were to look for excuses and reasons why my business couldn’t or would not be successful. Which would then give me a reason and an opportunity to quit.


Or the possibility for me was too make a decision that I had no other choice but to make this business A success.  It was because of my dislike of being A sheep and my dislike Of being told what to do and and where to be at any time. That made me decide their really was no alternative. Once you make a decision that there is no alternative then you will do what has to be done. To do what you have to do. Of course this Decision is something that only you can decide to make.

I believe that one of the biggest things holding people back from success is indecisiveness not deciding to do something properly. many people just move back and forward from one thing till the next never doing anything properly.  I have even done this before myself many times in the past in my own businesses.  Thankfully I’m one of the few people who decided to never quit on my business or on my dream lifestyle.

So you have to ask yourself A question how badly do you actually want your dream lifestyle. Or have you even thought about what your dream lifestyle would or should be like.  If you haven’t then you’re going to have a very hard time reaching your target. In fact it is quite likely that you will be one of the people who end up working to build someone else’s dreams as an employee.

If you plan to be successful then start making your plan today.

What are your relationships Wanna be like?

What cars are you going to be driving?

What will your house be like?

Are you going to have dream holiday homes and what  Will they be like?

What is going to be your monthly income?

What are your one-year goals?

What are your three year goals?

What are your five-year goals?

Just remember that  by failing to plan you’re planning to fail.

If you don’t know where to begin with your online business then feel free to join me in this business.

Just click the URL below to watch the video and find out more about building your own online business.